Saturday, April 9, 2011

Recommended Restaurant in Prague; Czech Republic

The restaurant above serve typical Czech foods and it is located right in the city center. Very easy to find and this restaurant is quite big, completed with nice decoration and relaxing environtment. 

I visited this restaurant on my last day in Prague and I really happy I didn't missed it.

Below are the menus. Multiple language menu are available here. 
The Smoked Pork Knuckle 
5starts dish. Uniquely served and come with 4 type of sauces. It cost 490CZK approximately 21 Euro. It crispy outside but the meat inside is tender. I suggest you not to order this food for your self because the portion is big. You may share this with maximum another 2 persons.

Roast pork ribs in spicy marinade,corn on the cob 450CZK

Pig's foot in the little trough 250CZK

My favorite menu as well. The pig foot is so tender and the potato soup is smell so good and taste so yummy. The savoury dumpling also great. Much better then German's potatoes dumpling ^^V

Here are the dishes we ordered.
Me were enjoying the dish as well as the home drink serve in end of the dining. The drink is free. I did know what its that but the alcohol level is very high. typical Czech Drink hahaha...

This restaurant also have very professional and friendly crews. Even a knight!!! ^^V


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