Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watson Membership Card

Finally i got my Watson membership Card!!!!

it launched last week already but because of exam week, i have no time to go out and get it.
actually tomorrow at 3pm i also have exam for business law and suppose to study hard today,
but what can i do.. i felt so boring that's why i went to alamanda :)

so, here is the card n the 60 gift vouchers

Thanks to watson that give us so many gift vouchers .

Oh, don't forget there is a lifetime membership fee. So pay once only for the first time you get your card. It is RM12.
So upon getting your card, you will get the 60 gift vouchers and a membership card. Its worth for your money.

In addition, there are still many other membership benefits that you can see in detail on the brochure attached to the membership package.

There are also other offers going on in Watson for this week.

Buy1 free 1 promo.
Bring your friends together to Watson, so later you can share to get those promotion price :)
Anyway, i only managed to take 2 pictures above as I was told politely by the security officer that taking photos is prohibited right after the 2nd picture was taken. :)

Later from Watson, we went to Carrefour because Joffrey wanted to buy some bread.
But then, before we reach to the bread shelf, we stopped on the clearance stock section hehehe ^^V

Here's my Winnie the pooh head rest cover for my car :)
Rm15 only. normal price rm35

Dove Shampoo 700ml. RM16.90 only, instead of RM27. Got 1 for the damaged hair (blue color)

Hmm... passed by the Sushi stall huhuhuhu... can't take our eyes away from it hahaha...

Joffrey confused which one to take from this two package.
so, I chose la!! :) the one in the left because I hate raw meat. Actually, i wanted the unagi only hehehe...

So,later we had the bread and other few things then we left alamanda. Came back home (planned to continue study but ended up with inviting Gusta and Sis Ajenk to my house and had burgers for dinner together)

Till now, I haven't continue my study huhuhuhuhu....
ok la, finish the meal than continue study. okie..

Wish me luck. Tomorrow is the very last paper in my degree at MMU

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HOmeMadE BurGer

Feeling Hungry this afternoon, than joffrey wanted to make some burger.
so, we made our homemade burger :)

The ingredient:

Chiken n beef burger from Darabif
the meat so tender, thick n smell good. so diffident from other local brand.
n of coz it abit expensive. 1 pax around rm5.85 in tesco. (forget exactly rm5 how many cen, but the price is around that price ^^V )

Sausage Tilly rm3.5/pack. i luv this sausage. u cant find it in selangor.
i brought it in kuching,serawak. every time i balik kampung always bring this :)

we use olive oil coz we are in diet hahahha...
and few vegie like tomatoes n cabbage.add with mayonnaise n chili souce.

How to make:

cut the bun in half and than we put it in oven for few minute, only to heat it up

The bun fresh from the oven :)

Frying the patties n sausage. dont forget to add little of paper n seasoning sauce.


Dress the bun with cabbage in the 1st layer, than tomatoes n mayonnaise.
add patty on top of that. for my burger i had beef burger + sausage. on top of it dont forget to put cheeseeeeeeeee!!!!!!
so, here u go: my beef n sausage burger :)

Its totally yummy.. :)

Joffrey's double chicken n beef burger.

didnt hv opportunity to try it coz he finished it so fast even thought i started eat 1st.

so, hope u guys can have ur own burger at home as well. have a good nite :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Celcom Reload & Wow Contest

Celcom Reload & Wow Contest


This the latest news from airasia and i actually a bit confused on how i want to react on this news.

As the title said, now as we are flying with airasia in the blue sky we can actually make call, or sending sms to our parents, friends or boyfriend (s) to chat with them to throw away boring feeling while sitting for hours on the plane. we can even surf the internet for playing FB playfish game (so sorry for those who use iPAD, it didnt support flash so cant play )

WOW, of coz u will think that this is a really good news. but wait till u hear how much it will cost u!!! :)

Here is the rate:

Special in-flight roaming rates for Maxis users




RM11 / minute


RM25 / MB

So, r u happy now or it actually wont give any effect at all on ur next infligh activities, since it cost u as high as where u r sitting????

i know its not a joke but, it still funny. for me, i rather sleep or just keep alot of game or video n music in my electronic device n enjoy it inflight. calling n sms later la,right after landing wont be too late. right???

But i do agree, this new innovation will really help in emergency case, such as for those who r in business trip or parents worrying their children flying alone or other extreme emergency cases.
So please do consider

Anyway keep supporting arasia as i had enjoyed so many rm15 return ticket for my holiday :)

Here the full story:

"Have you ever had the urge to whip out your phone in the middle of a flight and just tried to call someone to see if it would really affect the aircraft navigation systems? Or even just to text someone that you are 30,000 feet over the Pacific ocean? Well, technically, with Air Asia and Maxis, you can. In a partnership with, OnAir, Maxis has brought voice calling, SMS-ing and data to selected AirAsia flights within the region.

Now before you go firing up your mobiles after the "no mobiles to be used" sign is switched off, bear in mind that the in-flight communications system is just like roaming to a different country, in that the costs involved are higher than your normal rates. When I say higher, what I meant to say was prohibitively higher. At RM11/min for voice calls, RM2 per SMS and RM25/MB for GPRS data, I can't imagine anyone using this for just a leisurely chat with the family. You didn't think it would be cheap would it? Before you start thinking you can save money by getting people to call you, as it is for when you're roaming, incoming calls are chargeable too. We're not sure about SMS' but having a one-sided SMS conversation can't be much fun can it?

For now, AirAsia has installed GSM Onboard systems on 4 out of their fleet of 96 A320 aircrafts and plan to roll it out on a further 1-2 by the end of the year. Eventually they are planning to expand coverage to the long haul airline AirAsia X. For those of you who have the money to spend, the next time you fly AirAsia, listen out for the crew to tell you when you can use your phone!"

Full Press Release After The Jump

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Got a New Gadget: iPAD :)

Still on happy mood coz yesterday i just bought an iPAD :)

here is it!!!
look from back n front
mine is 16G wifi + 3G

The standing transparent cover

she is gorgeous... :)

so guys, if also want to this ipad maybe this info below can be the reference for budget that u need.

Since, iPad havent officially lunch in Malaysia, this price is based on what i get from several forum n after survey most of the time the seller sell on this price.
the seller i refer is not those in shop but online seller where u can COD (cash on delivery) from them.

if u have friend or family from singapore that want to travel to malaysia soon, maybe u can ask them to get the ipad from singapore coz its cheaper around Rm100++ - Rm200++ .
it is bcoz most of the seller got ipad from singapore n sell it in malaysia. the price different is for the to cover the shipping cost n abit profit (maybe)hahahaha....

Here the iPAD info:

Features :
* Processor: 1GHz Apple A4
* Operating System: iPhone OS 3.2
* Storage: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB flash drive
* Size: 9.56 (H) x 7.47 (W) x 0.5 (D) inch
* Weight: 1.5 pounds (680 gram) for iPad WiFi, 1.6 pounds (730 gram) for iPad 3G
* Display: 1024×768 pixels
* Wireless connection: WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G (Additional payment needed)
* Battery: up to 10 hours of web surfing, video watching, music playback
* Input/Output: Dock connector, 3.5mm headphone jack, build-in speaker, microphone, SIM tray (iPad 3G only)

The Official Price /


Without 3G:

• $499: 16GB (RM1714) /RM1900-2000

• $599: 32GB (RM2057) /RM 2300

• $699: 64GB (RM2400) /RM 2600

With 3G:

• $629: 16GB (RM2160) /RM2350 (mine)
• $729: 32GB (RM2500) /RM2800
• $829: 64GB (RM2848) /RM 3100

For your info, beside preparing budget u MUST hv budget for :

screen protector : rm110
Cashing with dock: rm 128 (this is like mine, refer to pic above)
for, cashing of coz the price is vary depend which one u want.

Anyway, hope those info above can help u. :)
im so hungry now, confuse want to eat what......?????

oh ya, last night i met SEAN KINGSTON huhuhuhuhu..
im so stupid coz didnt recognise him when i walk passed him, only after a moment suddently i realize that is him n hurry look back to reconfirm n yes thats him!!! try to run on him but its too late. pity me.. really want to have pic with him huhuuhu...

but its ok la, maybe next time i will have that opportunity hahahaha...
so, later i had a heavy dinner with hunny at FRIDAY!

ndut's meal; pasta rich of cheesee... (he dont want to hv rice coz he said he want to diet, but smting with alot of cheesee isnt it worse than rice for diet????? ) hahaha... he so funny Cups...

And never forget to shopping... lalalala.. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

its been long time didnt hv any update. so sorie coz i was so buzy when i back home. after back to cyber last monday also direct buzy on preparing n study for FINAL EXAM!! 1st paper is tommorow huhuhuhuh.... T.T
really lose my study mood. thats y i need a place to talk to release my tension.
please international finance, be nice with me 2morrow ya .. ^^V

owh.. since today is mid autumn festival, i also not forget to have my mooncake :)


actually my favorite mooncake is TWINS BEAUTIES by Yong Sheng gift shop.
but have no time to out n get it. but, this pure lotus also great :)

so, today do nothing except studied in library. when to a convenient store near my apartment to buy my favorite chocolate wafer.

i really luv it. only can find in NZ. if anyone know where to get this please tell me. coz buy in NZ is so expensive. 1 bar rm3. even i bought in 1 box (25 bar inside) the price is rm75. no discount at all HUH!!!!!

anyway, since i talk alot about food now (dun know y it makes me somehow feel better) ^^V
i want to share a pic of my Fav food at my hometown.


it made from fish. im sure u never seen or tasted it before bcoz it only can be found at my hometown JONGKONG. so, hope u enjoy the pic :)

Pray for my Exam 2morrow plisssss........

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Balik Kampung

Wow!!! still cant believe it i will fly back home this afternoon 3pm.
so happy but abit sad.
happy coz will meet my family, aunty weeding n lebaran of coz.. all my neighbor will celebrate lebaran n i love eat ketupat, lontong and all those lebaran food. all yummy yummy....
sad bcoz gonna leave ndut for 2weeks..
gonna mizz u honey muach muach... ^^V

so, wish me luck for the journey today.
packing packing!!!!!
try to add as much as luggage i can coz MAS allowed for 25kg
if use airasia have to pay almost rm50 to get this luggage allowance., so dont want to waste hehehe..

Friday, September 3, 2010

When to Dentist n Pavilion after that :)

Today woke up so early @ 8am.
coz i had appointment with my friend to see a dentist in KL.
finnally i made it, go to dentist. after suffer alot for my tooth pain.
it is the 2nd teeth from behind.i got a huge hole, but now closed already. :)
thanks God, and especially thanks to IKRAM yg berbaik hati menghantarkan ke tempat dentist tu.

but after 1 month i have to return for final treatment, bcoz im taking the root treatment. hopefully after no problem anymore. bcoz only God knows how painful a tooth pain it is. really cant describe!!! it really a nightmare

so, after from dentist, joffrey direct wanted to back to cyber, but, of coz i not let it happend
hehheeeh... (devil smile)
than we when to pavilion had luch and of coz shopping :)
(after from dentist of coz i really need a refreshing hohhohhoho)

My lunch; dumpling noodle yummy..

huge n unique model. found it in topshop. of coz they dont have my size T.T

end up with bought 9pieces women special inside hardware on Cotton On Body. they are gorgeous. :)
sorrie cant upload photo ^^V
and 1 Martina Pink bag.
so,refreshing mission is completed today :)
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