Saturday, January 22, 2011

Farewell Diner @ Victoria Station

I feel so touched when I knew that I will have a farewell dinner when I left P1.
I mean, I'm just an intern, been there for only 3months yet I got appreciation like this.
I really lucky having my internship @ P1. Well developed company culture leads to friendly and conducive working environment. Not to mention nice boss and great supervisor as well as lovely colleagues. Without I realize, I actually got a new family there. No wonder I felt so sad when my internship period end. Really enjoy   my training @ P1 and I'm proud to be a part of it.   :)

Cheers...!!! My Farewell diner ^^
Great food + nice people + fantastic time = Unforgettable Memories

Peggy take care about the wine :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Sweet Desert @ FullHouse

To all desert lover, here is a restaurant that you should'n missed: Fullhouse
The place is so wonderful decorated and very nice to chill out with your friends accompanied by  cute and sweet desert ever :)

The Dessert Combo menu: any 3 fro rm29.90 Only

Having dessert only as I still too full for any main dish.
 Black Forest Chocolate Cup with Blueberry jam

Chocolate macademia Brownies with IceCream

Cream Brulee. Crispy on the surface and taste like egg pudding in the inside  Yummy  ^^

Yovi with her Mushroom soup and Honeydew Milk.
The Mushroom soup is tick and rich of mushroom favor

Vongole Spaghetti
Not Forget to take Photo with Tiffany and little pink car

Happy Feeling after enjoying Sweet Desert ^^V

On the way back I saw this little cute pity cat photo. This is an advertisement from waxing house.
Seriously I didn't catch the message of this ads is all about waxing. I tough it is an ads about save the kitty ads!!! She look so sad and hairless. So Pity  :(

Best Of The Best FACT about JUSTIN BIEBER!!!

FACT # 1 : Justin Bieber;  The 50 Most Popular Women On The Web no 7
The picture above I took print-screen directly from
As you can see JUSTIN BIEBER fall in the 7th rank in "The 50 Most Popular Women On The Web".

How come he in the list?!!
I mean he is HE right???
Then why he is in the list of top 50 women on the web???
No body knows and this case still left in as a mistery. Only Google maybe who have the answer because this survey result is based on google seacrh!!!

You can try to find out by your self by following this steps:
1) go to google seacrh and copy this:   The 50 Most Popular Women On The Web
2) click the 1st link
3) see no 7
4) Now you believe me  ^^V

FACT # 2 Justin Bieber Will Never Reach Puberty
Don't believe me again?!!!
Try this:
2) Translate "will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty" from English to vietnamise
3) Copy the vietnamise translation and translate back into english
4) Laugh hahahahahhaa...   ^^V

Monday, January 17, 2011


Having spa day @ True Harmony Sunway Giza last weekend.
Thank to Worldcard & True Harmony for sponsoring Me and My Friend to enjoy 
the great massage and foot spa worth Rm380!!

We were welcomed with warmth and big smileeee....  ^^

The food spa room. Open air room; Comfortable and Relaxing

The Entertainment & Leisure room.
WiFi is provided here.

Snack provided in the entertainment room. Unlimited access for the guests.
It really nice for True Harmony providing this entertainment room.
My boyfriend like it so much. He can sit there for hours playing iPad and enjoying the snack 
without feeling boring waited for me to finish my treatment. So relieving.

The Treatment Room
Completed with nice wallpaper, drawer, AC and Shower room.

Me & Yovita
Enjoying our Hot Ginger Tea while Having Herb Foot Spa 15 minutes
For Detoxification

Our 1st treatment was 45minutes massage in a twin room.
It really nice as we can chit-chat while our massage therapist work with our body.
It really a great time as I just finished my internship and Yovi just finished and submitted her FYP.
Our body really need this treatment and Thanks God it came on time
Hohohohoho  ^^V

After all treatment we stay a little while to enjoy the refreshment.
Suddenly felt so hungry. And my therapist said I had a lot of cold air inside my body.
She Massage me with special massage oil.
I really love it as I still can feel the effect even after hours back home.
They Sell the Massage oil Rm200 for 100ml. I 'm thinking to get it in my next visit.  :)

We were really enjoy the professional treatments @ True Harmony. Besides Massage and food spa, True Harmony also offers many other treatments such as Slimming treatment and Permanent Hair Remover. Its excellent service is supported by nice and professional staff as well as great and well decorated place. Highly recommended spa house. 

For your information, if you find difficulty to find the exact place of True Harmony in Sunway Giza, Just remember that it is located exacly behind Hong Leong Bank.  :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ophiuchus; New Zodiak Appeared as a Men and a Big Snake


I still can't believe and accept that I'm a Gemini instead of a Cancer like what I have known in my whole life.
Professor Parke Kunkle is the one who  told the world on 15 January 2011 that because of the movement of Earth's axis, the ancient Zodiac can't be use anymore. Instead of 12 now we have 13 Zodiacs.

Here are the new zodiac arrangement:

-Aquarius      : 17 Februari-11 Maret

-Pisces         : 12 Maret-18 April

-Aries            : 19 April-13 Mei

-Taurus        : 14 Mei-21 Juni

-Gemini        : 22 Juni-20 Juli

-Cancer        : 21 Juli-10 Agustus

-Leo               : 11 Agustus-16 September

-Virgo            : 17 September-30 Oktober

-Libra             : 31 Oktober-23 November

-Scorpio        : 24 November-29 November

-Ophiuchus  : 30 November-17 Desember

-Sagitarius   : 18 Desember-20 Januari

-Capricorn    : 21 Januari-16 Februari
In Astrology,Ophiuchus means "The Serpent Holder" and  an Ophiuchus is believed to have long life, Creative and a visionary.

So, what is your zodiac now??? 
Do you find it is changed like in my case, therefore will it affect our life or maybe our fate???

I don't know. I really don't know.
What I know is all this thing will create a lot of argument and confusion that lead to more complicated life.

Hello!!! I'm not even graduated yet from my university and now even Zodiac can change!!!
Life is so unpredictable. Hopefully this phenomena (if really effecting my fate) can change my fate to become a PROFESSOR so in the future maybe I'm the one who will announce to the world about the 14th Zodiac (if there is)!!!   ^^V

Friday, January 14, 2011

iCITY Shah Alam

Last night after finish our steamboat dinner suddenly Bang Jay suggested to continue our night @ iCity Shah Alam. Since it is not that far we all agreed to go and seems it was a brilliant decision we had made  :)

For most of us this is the 1st time we came to iCITY. 
So we quite excited and have a lot of photo session here.

The arrangement of the line was from the shortest to the tallest.
I'm sure you know why I'm the one who stand at the front of the line hahahah...

 Lovely Snowy tree. She standing beautifully with the dark sky as the background

Behind us is the Light Trees Park

 Colorful Trees Like in Wonderland ^^

Red & White Trees. Christmas Garden.

We all have a lot of fun. Really enjoy playing around with all my friends.
It's quite sometime we didn't hangout because all of us busy with internship and Final Project.
Finally tonight all of us can go out together again even thought without proper planning. ^^V

Few still alert about the camera hahahhaa....

Gustania: is she lose???? hahahahhaa...

Oseng and the giant white Christmass tree.
This meant to for christmas celebration.
So, if you still want to see this tree you might need to visit iCity soon 
before they change the theme to Chinese new year decoration.

 I don't know what tree is this but she absolutly my favorite. 
Stand alone with cute fruits she have :)

Our parking lot is on Baterfly floor.
I like it. I always love Buterfly. ^^V

The parking floor all with animal sign, so make sure to park @ buterfly floor because it is the exit floor as well. No need to take elevator or staircase.

For the entry fee it is RM10/car. I didn't check the fee if you use motorcycle. ^^V
After u pay the rm10 you will get RM10 F&B voucher that you can use inside the park.
You can find alot of restaurant inside. Most of them are the same restaurant you can find in LoukOutPoint Ampang. So you can have a great dinner as well there ^^

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Having A Great Buffet Dinner @ Yuan Steamboat Restauran @ Sunway

We have 3 cars convoy to the restaurant. Arrived around 8.15pm

 Total 14persons together. We sat at the 2nd floor because the 1st floor is full.
This restaurant is a famous steamboat restaurant.

Many varieties you can choose from vegie, seafood,noodles,mushroom,fruits&dessert
Fried rice and curry chicken also available.

 The game is started!! hahaha...
We all so hungry already.

1st Round. Crab absolutely become the most wanted. ^^V

Take a break: chit-chat

Desert + Photo Session Time

 IceCream Time  ^^

 Photo Session Time

Our Favorite: The BBQ Chicken
 Have to try this, it sweet and smell great.Super delicious!!

The Pricing
My Height is 143cm!! if they change the pricing rule a bit to become rm24 for height 145cm above than I can eat half price hahahhahahaha....

For more photo check it out on the link below:!/album.php?aid=99997&id=1528084165
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