Monday, February 28, 2011

MATTA Fair Kuala Lumpur March 2011

Matta Fair is Back!!!!!!!!!!!
The No. 1 Travel & Tourism Fair in Malaysia.
Yup, this where you can find unbelievable holiday package, flight fare and Hotel Bargain and so much more for your vacation plan with your loved ones.

This event only happen twice in a year and mostly the duration of holiday voucher you buy from it is come with 1 year validity. So much flexible and  give you enough time to plan ahead for your holiday.

I never miss this event when I was in Malaysia. It really great and help me save a lot on all my vacation.
As you know, I love travelling and this event is really a heaven for me.

So, I promise you wont ever regret to be there.
Here is the detail of the event:



Mar 11 - 13 2011
Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur 
Ms Aisya or Ms Salbiah

Have fun and if you kind enough maybe you can treat me for a holiday voucher  ^^V
I believe you can find something not more than RM 50 for 3D2N holiday package.
Happy Hunting!!!!  ^^

p/s: I'm so jealous for all of you who are in Malaysia right now (sign~~~~)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My homemade simple lunch and snowing in Hof

Finally after 5days in Germany I found Rice  ^^
Don't you laugh at me, I'm an Asian and I need rice hahahha...
It enough for pasta,cheese and bread  :)
So, yesterday I went to grocery store with my temporary house-mate and I found all my necessary cooking ingredient like onions, garlic, salt, chicken, sugar, and vegie. We had to went shopping yesterday because today which is Sunday, most of the store are close.

So,here is my stuff.

The packaging all are different from what we have in Asia.
And thanks God today I had rice for my lunch  :)
I also made my self a mix vegie with chicken, onion and garlic.
its taste quite oke hahahah...
Oh ya, today I woke up early and saw for the very 1st time snow falling from the sky.
It was snowing outside my window.
Took some pictures but the snow not really obvious captured on the picture.
But I think it quite oke  ^^

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My 1st Lunch in Munich

I know it enough talking about those historical and wonderful architecture building in Munich.
Its time to change the topic and here we are.
Lunch time  ^^

Having Lunch with our tour guide after the tours.
Very nice restaurant (again, I forget the name) ^^V
U get free for your 2nd drink.
Lets say if you order 2 glass of beer, you just need to pay 1 glass only.

Munich famous for it's beer...
Its like a must thing to do if you are in Munich is trying the beers.
So, I have to that also rigth?? hahahah
Only, what I did was slightly different with the context above.
what I did was trying to take photo with the beer instead of trying it for real
Fish and mash potatoes

All dish come in a big portion.Wish Jofrey is here with me
so that he can help me to finish as usual..
Miss him already  :(

Viktualienmarkt;Open Market and other nice place in Munich

Quite shiny bright day we got today and we really thanks God for that.
Sonja said it been awhile they haven't enjoy sun shine.Today is really a great day for them.
As for me it really not enough hahahahaha..
The wind still felt so cold and it difficult for me to have a nice photo because i can't really feel my face. 
whether I smiled enough or not for the photo hahhaha... 
In conclusion i'm in "Weather Shock" mode on!!! 

3rd stop: Viktualienmarkt.

4th stop: HofBrÀuhaus; The world’s most famous beer hall
If you order small or big glass of beer, you will get exactly 1 liter beers.
So, if u know that u cant finish 1 liter beer just don't waste your time to go in like what I did hahaha...

Munich Opera House
If you notice the building on the left side has it's wall color a bit strange.
It is because that building is under construction and they put a wallpaper that look alike with the original building appearance covering the whole wall. Smart!! :)
I forget what this building call hahahaha  ^^V
Taking photo with the guardian lion
With Zoe Yi Zhang from china and old euro money
Play with snow after the tour. Both of them are lovely girls. really nice to meet them  :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Frauenkirche: Church of Our Lady; Munich,Germany

2nd stop: Frauenkirche; Church of our Lady
The two tower. one on the right side is under construction.
Also known as one of the Munich's landmark
Can't have a good photo.
Taken this one very fast as my tour guide walk so fast hahahaha..

Watch carefully this signboard in the door of the church.
Do you know what is the 4th picture means????
It is no hands in your pant or no pant or what???
The Church Side Door
The Church Interior

Pope Benedict is originally from this church.
This is his church when he was in Munich.
This church also famous for it's "Footprint of the devil" story
You can wiki the full story. My tour guide tell a lot of story and history and none of them stay longer in my memory  hahahahahha...

Marienplatz (Mary’s square) Munich,Germany

As I arrived in Munich was late already around 9pm.
So I decided to stay 1 night 1st before continue my 3hours train to Hof.
I Stayed in Meininger Hostel at the city center.

With my roomie siblings from korea. They having their 26days europe tour.

On the next day in the morning I been to 3 Hours Walking Tours.
It tour around Munich City Center and I visited few of Munich Landmark and Historical Building.
Since there are too many of them, I will divided them into fews post.

1st: The Marienplatz


Me and my tour guide: Sonja and crews
The four putti's symbolize the city's overcoming of war, pestilence, hunger and heresy.

The most famous Glockenspiel
The Marienplatz view from other side
With my tourmate Tyra Clemmenson.
Very nice girl. we travel alone and we get along well.

Flight To Germany With Thai Airways

It been quite a time I didn't update nOnaCapsa and I really sorry that.
It is because I quite busy on arranging my trip to Germany.
Since then I have a problem in internet connection and only now everything is in place.
I just get my electricity adapter and finally can charge my laptop and can get back online.
Really thanks Alexander Jungnikl for helping me a lot on train info, picked me up and even today help me shopping this morning.Without him I won't be able to online now hahahaha...

So, I was flying with Thai airways Kl-Bangkok-Munich on 23rd Feb 2011.
It was 2 hours flight KL-Bangkok
Transit 5 hours in Bangkok.
And continue 11hours flight Bangkok-Munich.
In total 18hours journey. I'm so terribly tired on that day.

I Don't like the screen TV in Thai Airways. I prefers individual mini Tv monitor like in KLM or MAS that allow us to choose our own entertainment. 

Overall my 18hours journey to Germany is quite tiring and absolutely challenging as I travel alone.
Almost lost my jacket on the airport and pay extra luggage rm800++.
Then because I don't want to pay the extra luggage I have to let go 1 of my luggage.
The Good news was after 20minutes panic finally I found my jacket at the check in counter.
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