Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cheap Train Ticket Across Bayern,Germany; Tutorial How to buy Bayern ticket from the ticket Machine

Have you ever heard about Bayern ticket??

Bayern ticket is a special transportation ticket that allowed you to ride public transportations such as train and bus in Bayern area;Germany. The validity of this ticket is from 9am to 3am next day.  In Conclusion, by having this ticket, you can travel as much as you want from one city to another city or inside a city in Bayern area during the validity period. And the best part of this ticket is it allow you to save more if you are travelling in a group of maximum 5 persons. You can share the price of 1 Bayern ticket with maximum 4 of your friends. The group Bayern ticket cost 29 Euros and if you divide it with 5, each person only spent 5.8 euro for transportation for the whole day. Super Saving Ticket.

Here are the Tutorial on how you can Purchase your Bayern ticket from the Ticket Machine.
Note that you will need to pay extra if you buy the ticket in the ticket counter or inside the train.

The Ticket Mechine:
The Blue color machine allow you to pay with coins and cash.
The red color machine only available for card payment.

Choose Type of your Bayern Ticket.

Select Single or Group Bayern ticket

Time of Travel

Review the Pricing Information

Make Payment

Enjoy Your Ticket  :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tourist Attractions in Bamberg; Heritage Buildings

Bamberg is a beautiful city that attract many tourists with it's UNESCO World Heritage Site and little Venice in the heart of the city. I was having a one day trip in Bamberg 2 days ago with my friends and we all love the city.  The restaurants are great, Shopping street are fabulous and the old city is really nice. Streets fulled with tourist from around the world and we took a lot of beautiful picture with a fascinating background.

Fews of my Snap-shoot. Feelings like make it as a postcard :)

The biggest and oldest Cathedral in Bamberg. A must visiting site.

The famous Little Venice

We can take a ride on the white boat through the river for cost of 8 Euro/persons. On the afternoon we also can watch people doing some kayaking on the river. 

Took my photos on the Old Town area with river, heritage building and beautiful garden as the background. Nice weather and amazing views. 

Enjoyed so many things in Bamberg even thought in a short visit. Hangout, Sightseeing, Shopping and dining. As my experience, one day is quite enough to explore the main tourist attractions in Bamberg. However, it will be more fun if can spend more time there. You won't feel boring because the city center is always full with people. The city is old but alive :)

I did snap few pictures on the architectural of the city. No editing for those pictures so that you can imagine the real Bamberg environment. Enjoy. Cheers

The Rose Garden. No flower yet but I bet it gonna be wonderful on summer :)

Shortcut to the Cathedral

If you are interesting to found out dining in Bamberg, you may refer to my earlier post:

More photo on my Facebook:

Hope this sharing can give you an idea about the city of Bamberg and I really wish you will visit this city in nearly future. Cheers...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Speisen Getranke; Nice Restaurant in Bamberg, Germany

Speisen Getranke located strategically in the heart of Bamberg's city center as well as the tourism site.  It just 2 minutes walk from the little Venice and if you are came from the biggest Cathedral in Bamberg, You just need to find a round stair and this restaurant located exactly on the road after the stair.

The restaurant is the building with blue color window.

Here is the menu on the restaurant
They have multi-languages menu. In our table we have menu in German, English and Spanish language. The prices for the food are very good and the most importantly is we had a wonderful Lunch in this restaurant.

This restaurant is famous for it's Roasted Pork Shank ( menu no 1 in local specialty) with only 8.50 euro inclusive tax. The portion is big and it come with sauerkraut and potato dumpling. I don't like potato dumpling as for me it tasteless and strange. So I change my potato dumpling with fries :)

Here is the Famous Roasted Pork Shank:

Smell good, crispy outside and juice inside. However, for me it taste a bit salty. But my Friends who had the same dish said it was ok. So, its only me the ones who feels this dish a bit salty because I don't like salty food  ^^V

We were enjoying our lunch in this restaurant a lot because of  it's nicely prepared food and also very comfortable place. I saw in others table all dishes they have look very nice and serve professionally. Highly Recommended Restaurant.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free 60 minutes to landlines and mobile phones from Skype to ISIC Member

ISIC card is an International Student Identity Card. It distributed in 120 countries and give a lot of benefit to it's member worldwide. As a holder of ISIC card, I found out that this card is really help me in-term of saving money during my travelling and enjoyment time. For example discounted price for museum ticket when I visited some museum in Nurmberg;Germany, special movie ticket price for student in Malaysia, and student fare of flight ticket to Europe with extra luggage allowance.

Here are the ISIC card of me and my Erasmus friends.

We took this photo when we were in train for our weekend trip to Nurmburg. These ISIC card are from Malaysia, Taiwan, Hungary, Czech Republic and Rusia. The design are almost the same except for ISIC card from Czech Republic that attached with a chip on it and the card can be used as device for money related transaction.

Besides those benefit I mentioned above, last night I just discovered another one interesting benefit. But this benefit is only applicable for ISIC card member who are currently staying in Germany and have a Skype account. It is a 60 minutes free call voucher to landlines and mobile phones in Germany.

Follow steps below to redeem your Free call voucher:
- click Discount Tab
- You will be directed to a page below and click more on Skype Voucher

- Scroll down and click Get Online
- Fill up the information required on the form and click submit
- Wait for 24hours for the voucher code to be delivered into your email
- Enjoy your Free call till 31 May 2011!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Won Rm20 Celsius Voucher from GroupDiscount

Yes, as in the tittle, yesterday I just won RM20 Dining voucher in Celsius. I won it from a Facebook Contest organize by GroupDiscount. Very easy contest. I just need to upload my photo with any type of food and tag at least 20 friends of mine on the photo. Ya, thats it. No like needed. :)

Yesterday was the final day and GroupDiscount had chosen 17 winners; 9 winners of RM20 Voucher and 8 winners of RM50 voucher. 
Below is my winning photo that I submitted for the contest:

This are the announcement of the winner via Facebook Wallpost:

Congratulation to all winners and million thanks to GroupDiscount and Celsius for the Vouchers. Surely all of us will enjoy a great dinner in Celsius more with the discounts vouchers. :)

For those who want to be like us: win a discount voucher with very easy way, you can just join the GroupDiscount facebook fanspage as there is always having a mini contest for it's fans. 

And don't forget to register your self on the GroupDiscount's website to be alert about great discount in town. And GroupDiscount is kindly enough to give us Free voucher of Bizzy Body Flat Tummy Treatment Worth RM280 when we register as a member on it's website. Also Rm10 credit directly transfered into your account once you activated your membership. Unbelievable, we can get so many benefits only by sign up as a member. ^^

So, I hope you guys can get your self all those free items A.S.A.P and enjoy it to the max. Have a nice day. Cheersss..  :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Special Things in Germany

As you know sausages is everywhere in Germany. It is the most convenient food you can find here. Easy to find, prepare and of course all of them are tasty because till now I haven't find any Germany sausages that I don't like.

As in the picture above, in my left hand side is the famous Nurnberg sausage. It is small and it is a grill/ fried sausage. The taste is quite different and unique if we compare with other sausage. It is because most of the sausages are strong in the meat flavor where as the Nurnberg sausage is rich of spices therefore the meat flavour are not as strong as other sausages.

Below is the picture of the Nurnberg sausage when I tried it at the 1st time in Nurnberg city when I had city tour there few weeks ago.

On my right hand side you as can see is the white color packaging sausage. It is a typical boil sausage. I need only to boil the sausage few minutes in hot water, peal off the skin and it will ready to be consumed. It is a healthy sausage because they mix it with vegie inside and since we boil it therefore we can avoid oil intake. 

Here are another type of sausages that are currently inside my frig: 

The sigir (beef) sausage is a halal sausage. It also available in chiken flavor. As you know it is very difficult to find halal sausage in Germany as most of Germany sausage are made from pork meat. This sausage I found it a Turkish grocery store and the taste is almost the same with sausage that we can find in asia. That is why I like this sausage because I need to eat something that taste Asia and make me feels home :)

The other sausage is German pork sausage. Smell so nice when u grill it and of course it tasty.

This is my favorite dinner so far. Fresh salad mix with tomatoes and apples + 2 rolls of fried/grill sausages. Low carbo and yummy... 

The most I hate fact about staying here is I can't find Chili Padi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Food without spicy taste is annoying!!!   hahhahahaha....

The chili above is the smallest chili I can find here and it not spicy at all. Really miss Chilli padi: small red chili. Super Hot Chili.

Also, everywhere here they consume tomatoes sauce!! it is very difficult to find Hot Chili sauce. Lucky I found this Super hot Sriracha Scharfe Chillisauce. Of course the taste and hotness not as good as 'Sambal ABC" (Indonesia favorite),  but it is better than nothing. 

Next thing that are unique and special for me here is that finally I got my Id and atm card with Filivi Alexander on it. ^^V

Most of my friend will know what I mean and for those who don't know the story,I will tell you now. My full name since I was born till november 2010 was Filivi. Yup, Filivi Only. I don't have family name. In my country it is a normal case even though sometime I face problem from my so-called "single word name" such as when I have to fill out personal detail when buying flight ticket. What I used to do is I filled up the first name and family name boxes with Filivi thus on my flight ticket it will appear as Ms. Filivi Filivi. It so funny hahahha...

I actually have no intention to add my family name on my name till I been accepted to be one of the representative from my campus for student exchange in Germany. It is because in Germany family name is very important and it is almost impossible to be in Germany as an individual without family name. I will absolutely face difficulty on applying my visa and other formal documents. Therefore on December 2011 I when to Indonesia Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and had my father name added into my name and I'm now Ms. Filivi Alexander. Love my new name :)

My 1'st German atm card as well as my 1'st atm card with Filivi Alexander written on the card. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Free 2 Big Breakfast @ McD outlets all over Malaysia

For thanking it's customer for choosing McD as their favorite restaurant again for the second year in a row with the Gold Putra Brand Award (a celebration of the country's top brands as determined by Malaysian consumer), McD is rewarding it's customers with 2 Big Breakfast - FREE! 

Simply print out the attached coupon and redeem it at your favorite McDonald's restaurants serving breakfast. Valid until 31st March 2011. So come on over for a great start to a great day!!!

N/b: - McD accept black and white print out.
         - Click on the picture for original size

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Berlin Modlareuth; Germany

Today, we are the international students in Hochschule made a small trip to visit The Little Berlin museum ( a museum depicting the history of German division). It was a great trip as we can see and touch the remaining "Berlin Wall " that separated German into half.

We were watch a short movie on the history of the Berlin wall before we had our tour around the museum. The movie is with narator and combination of real photos and videos taken when the even took places. This photo below taken on the movie room :)

Me and the soldier statue. So tall!!!  >,<


Taking photos with old vehicles inside the museum.

Me & Elena from Rusia

With Akash from India

In front of Helicopter

With AiLin from Malaysia

Old Passport

Original pieces from the Berlin Wall.There are stamp on those pieces but we can't see it on this photo.
The museum is not in a building but more to a small village. The environment is original left from the origin village like in the board. and we (with AiLeen from Taiwan) are standing in the exact place as what we see in the board. 
The remaining Berlin Wall.
We all are freezing during this tour. The wind super cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......
Taking Photo with the Berlin Wall as background

There is small door on the wall. The history mention that If we pass this door, we will out to the other side of Germany. It's like go to oversea. But now, when I passed the door it was nothing happend actually hahahaha...  ^^V

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hof City Tour

Yesterday I was so tired because I joined the Hof city tour organized by the international team in my campus. We were visiting fews old building like church, memorial statue and the central market. Also we had lovely  diner in a unique place so called PUB at the night.

Sunset @ Hof.
Our tour started @ 5pm.

On the Dormitory Am Saalepark's rooftop 

The nearest Church with my apartment.
But no english mass. So I really have to learn Deutsch faster so that I can follow the mass. 
Its been 2weeks I didn't go to church  :( 

Group photo in front the church
left-right: Helen, Alex, Me, Iris,AiLing,& Flora Nagy

Parts of the City

On the church rooftop.
It really difficult to climb up here with my heels.
We have step on very hight round stair and it really tiring.
But the scenery is worth for it. We can see Hof in whole and enjoy the sunset.

Diner Time. Beer is a must here and we luv the beer  ^^
Its not bitter like what we have in asia. 

More darker beer. Can't remember all the beer name hahahaha... but this one is taste better than what I had above and a bit more expensive.

In the PUB.
I know this absolutely different with PUB in asia. 
Same name but different decoration maybe hahahaa..  

Sonja and her Diner.
She so funny hahahaha...

Our dinners. We ordered mostly specialty food of Hof. Yummy..
The orange color cheese is super delicious. so yummy and salty
The salad.
My dinner.Pork with 2 giant potato balls. They call it dumpling.special in HOF but  I'm not really like it.
Pork shoulder
BBQ pork slice with cheese on Top. Super yummy..
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