Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oktoberfest Party at The Tavern in the GAB Brewery

Oktoberfest is the most celebrated beer festival in Germany. It is an annual event that being held in Munich Germany. I was very sad before because I had to leave Germany in August and have no chance to attend the Octoberfest in October at Munich. Luckily I'm staying in Malaysia where most of the festive season are being celebrated in this country. So, via a Facebook contest by Octoberfest Malaysia my cousin; Fransisca won 4 exclusive invite to the Oktoberfest Party at The Tavern in the GAB Brewery. So, we went to the party and had tons of fun!!

Group Photo with German Band
The Lady in left is a Japanese and she really drunk that night!

The 1 liter beer. It is a must for a beer festival

Free flow beer for whole night

We absolutely make use of it hahahahahaa....

We were taking photo and suddenly this German guy show up in the photo!! He really funny.

Pretzel eating competition! it was really difficult because the pretzel is really hard.
Oh.. I miss bretzel in Germany; So big and crunchy but soft inside
Btw, I'm the Winner and won my self the 1 ltr Mug + Octoberfest T-shirt

Others Game: Beer Holding Competition. It was so funny
Everybody was having so much fun and enjoying the party

We went home with two crates of beer. Sisca is so lucky. She won the invites as well as the lucky draw. Unbelievable!! Bagas got him self the Octoberfest Hat
We all were drunk alot that night. When I was in my Erasmus in German, they will call me KANTARE (In Czech means Drunker)!!! And this make me miss all my Erasmus friends and all the Beer Festival we ever been in Germany!!! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Promotion at The Little Pantry IOI Mall

Yesterday me and my housemate; Yovita were spending time in IOI mall. In our way to Jasco we passed by this big board located in front of Elle outlet. It quite an interesting promotion and at that time we were looking a place for dinner as well, so we directly decided to take a look at this restaurant.  I think this is a new restaurant in IOI mall, im not really sure because this is my 1st time to be there after 8months (since I been to Germany).

The restaurant located exactly in front of Wendy's.

We were in love with the decoration and relaxing seating environment.

Everything mostly in pink white and green. Garden is the decoration theme of this restaurant. Even the waiters all wearing so cute pink dress.

Lets check out the list of pasta and its price

The price compare with other Italian restaurants is quite competitive. And beside pasta you can also have steaks and also local foods.

Our dinners
Aglio-Olio Spagethi (the portion compare to Micheal Angelo is quite small)

Seafood Marinara Spaghetti (with bolognise sauce) 

Please take note for the promotion, you can have the same 2nd paste or choose the different one, but you have to pay the most expensive one and get the cheapest pasta for free. for example we ordered Seafood Marinara Spaghetti (RM21.90) and Aglio-Olio Spagethi (RM16.90) so, we have to RM21.90 only, the Aglio-Olio Spagethi (RM16.90) is for free. Price above is exclude taxes. Also, This promotion is valid from 3PM-7PM ONLY (NOT THE WHOLE DAY)!!!

We enjoyed our dinner :)

There is another promotion going on on this restaurant as well for birthday girl/boy.
Free 500gram birthday cake with minimum spending of RM100!! You doesn't have to come exactly on your birthday but u can enjoy this promotion 7 days before or after your birthday date. Just don't forget to bring your IC or Passport for birthday date verification purpose. Enjoy :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Housemate Convocation Day

Today is the 1st day of 4 days Convocation Marathon Of my campus, Multimedia University. In the morning I when to picked my sister up in the airport, she came from Jakarta and after that we directly when to campus because many of my friends from Faculty of Information Technology is graduating especially my housemate. We almost late because we thought that the ceremony gonna stay still 12pm and then the graduate will out after that, but eventually on 11.15am everybody is out from the grand hall already and I'm still on the car from Putrajaya. Luckily we managed to hurry and arrived in campus before everybody left.

Below are  photos with few of my friends ( many have left already.. huhuhuhu)

With Yovita my housemate 
Congratulation!! ^0^

With Mpus

With Diva

 Yovita with her BF and Parent

Group Photo

With Denny and Jenny

With Bilqish

Free style photos

With Angie
Long time no see and we will have our convocation in 2days
Excited mode on!!! :)

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