Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paris Attraction; Louvre

Luvre is not to be missed tourism site in Paris. And you really need to allocate a whole day for this one.
It is the most biggest museum I ever been. So many Interest things inside, especially this is where the famous MONALISA painting is being keep. Unfortunately, all exhibition name and explanation is in France. You may need to rent an electronic guide for 6 Euro if you want to know what are you seeing there.

Group photo in front of the piramid when we arrived there.

The ticket pricing.
It is free entry for European Student. Therefore me and my friend, we can enter free as we are student in Germany. If you want to get this free entry ticket also you must bring along your passport with your student visa inside together with your student card from European School or University. If you only bring your student card, you won't get the free ticket. This what happened with one of my friend,Soroush. he have to bought a youth ticket (below 26 yrs old) because he forgot bring his passport. Pity him  :(

As I said in the beginning there so many things inside Luvre. Below are few of them.

Me and the Monalisa Painting.
(mission accomplished hahhaha)

Miki's funny photo with the sisters

Took photos after finished explore the museum

 Another group photo

We back again on the next day to experienced Louvre at night and it was beautiful. We had our little picnic with Macaroon that we bought in Laduree;Champs Elysees. It was so nice  :)

More photo on Louvre in my facebook click here

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paris Attraction; Eiffel Tower

A must visit tourism site in Paris: Eiffel Tower

I been there right after from Notre Dame Cathedral. There are so many people was queuing when we arrived because it was holiday. Luckily we bought the entry ticket online if not we might need to queue for at least 1 hour to get the ticket. 

Free from queuing for buy the ticket didn't means we are free from queuing for the elevator to went up to the tower. It was a tiring day as we queued a lot to went up as well for went down. To killed the queuing time of course we snap snap snap a lot of photos and below are few of them  ^^V

Finally arrived on the tower. Took a photo with my friend from Hungary: Miklós Világhy

Paris: Photo taken from the 2nd floor of Eiffel Tower

We went down after spent time around 3hours on the tower. (Most of the time was for queuing)
Then continued took photos with Eiffel tower as the background

Controversial Statue right across the tower. 

Also this one ^^V

Not forget to buy souvenir: Mini Eiffel Tower Keychain. We bought a lot. Who wants, just left comment below this post. ;)

Eiffel tower really look amazing at night. It look like  a giant gold tower. 

Paris; Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is the 1st tourism site that I visited in Paris. It is because on that day is exactly Easter and I wanted to have an Easter mass in a church. It is why my friend Sourosh suggested us to go to Notre Dame in early morning so that I can have my Easter Mass and my other friends can have their sight seeing inside or around the cathedral. Everybody Happy  ^^V

Group photo in front of the Cathedral

We are so ready to explore Paris
(Location: train station)
In front of "Petit Pont" or little bridge 
Pose in front of Notre Dame
How do I look ???  ^^V
Inside the Cathedral

People inside the Cathedral during Easter Mass

For tourist who only want to come for visit can go inside the Cathedral even during the Mass time. The tourists will have walking path on side while the middle area is using for mass. Tourist can walk around the Cathedral or climb up to the roof. There is no admission for entering the Cathedral.

More Photo Click Here

Sephora Magnetic Palette

Welcoming my new make up collection by Sephora: Custom Magnetic Palette
Got it in Paris @ Champs Elysees Branch. 39.90 Euro.

It Contains 66colors; 40 eye shadows, 5 eye liners, 15 lip gloss.
Also inclusive 4 blush and 2 bronzing powder.
And it has a special additional a mini palette that holds 8 color.
Very suitable for a girl that like travelling like me. Travelling Palette. 

The Travelling Palette comes with wide clear mirror only.
No color inside.
The color holder in this palette is specially design to enable the color to be placed and taken out easily.
The holder have extra space for the stick to stick out the color and on the bottom of each holder line there is a magnetic bar to hold all the colors. 
I can choose which colors that I would like to bring for travelling and put the up in the Travelling Palette. So easy and convenience.
Now the travelling palette is ready and the big palette can stay at home.  :)
Can't wait to bring my new baby "the Travelling Palette" for my Italy Trips this coming Friday (13-18 May 2011). We will have a lot of fun together.  ^^V

Monday, May 2, 2011

Aura by Swarovski; Spring Collection

I was in Champs Elysees street in Paris when I passed by this Swarovski outlet and my eyes just couldn't resist the sparkling of the Cristal on top the Aura Parfum's bottle displayed on the window.  I actually knew about this new Parfum from internet and from the sample given by a Parfum store in Germany and I'm interesting already because the smell is so fresh and it really great as now is spring. The only thing is I haven't seen the physical product before, and once I saw it I just felt in love :)

Me in front of the Swarovski outlet in Champs Elysees Paris

I wish I got one stair full of Swarovski Cristal at home ^^
They are gorgeous!!! 
 Inside the shop with the Aura.

It available in different size. 15ml (36Euro), 30ml(56Euro), 50ml(76Euro) and 75ml(96euro). This Parfum distribution is start on 1st of April 2011 in France and this make it more special when I bought it in Paris. Swarovski also preparing the EDT for Asian Market.

My new babies..  :)
I got my self a pair of it. Love the Cristal on top.  :)

Elegant Bottle

See how beautiful she is... <3<3

Got one Swarovski purse as well. simple and elegant. I just in love with everything from Swarovski ^^

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Air France: Stuttgart-Paris Route & Cost of transportation while stay in Paris

On 23April 2011 me and my friends were flying to Paris via Stuttgart airport with Air France. Surprisingly, The plane is small like Airasia. The different is the fare included 23kg baggage allowance and free snack & drink on board as well as free seat allocation.  The duration of our flight is about 1 hour 30 minutes.

With my travel Buddies.From left to right:
Me, Sundeep , Ai Lin, Akash, Helen and Iris.

Our Flight Information
Me & Miklos Vilaghy from Hungary. 
This is his 1st time traveling with plane as in Europe traveling is more common via train & bus. 

The snack on plane.

Above is list of transportation cost in Paris. Price depend on number of day and zone.We bought the 51,20 Euro/person ticket for a ticket valid in zone 1-6 for 5days because we are in Paris from 23 april to 27 April 2011. Believe me, this might look Super Expensive but this is the cheapest offer we can wish for. Transportation cost in Paris really expensive and the journey  from 1 place to another place is  very far. From the airport to my friend place in zone 4 take 2hours train journey. Unbelievable!!!! But when u ask people who stay in Paris, 45minutes train journey from 1 place to another is can be consider close already. Amazing.!!!

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