Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello Kitty Cappuccino at En Ginza Cafe Pavillion

Been to this cafe yesterday. It is exactly the 1st cafe on the left side of the Tokyo street entrance in Pavillion.
This is the main reason for my visit: The hello Kitty Cappuccino.
Special thanks to Groupon Malaysia for introducing this restaurant as well as providing the discount voucher.
It's been a while I searching for this cute cappuccino in Malaysia after saw my friend photo in Korea when she visited Hello Kitty Restaurant there and had this. Badly want this and finally I got it. ^0^  

My friend is Angry bird fans, so we request for an angry bird cappuccino and they were awesome!! 

Our Main Dinner

Seafood Spaghetti with Shirasu

Chicken Teriyaki

I love the spaghetti sauce. strong seafood flavored and cheseeeee Yummy

See Joffrey tried to copy the angry bird eyes brow up hahahahhahah
So much FAILED!!! lol

Desert time: Mix Fruit Macaroon. Sweet and the almond make it perfect. 

We had a good time! Yey!! :)

My 2nd visit 

Got a complimentary cake from the manager Mr.Sudan
It taste good also, but the pastry a bit bitter


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

do you mind if i ask how much does it cost for the meal..??

Filivi said...

hi, Im not really remember the exact price but for the cappuccino, 1 cup cost around rm10. for the main cost is rm25-rm30. and for the macaroon rm15++. The Total + tax = RM100.54

PhilsTravelGuide said...

Nice meals...look so yummie!!!

Filivi said...

Indeed Phils :)
Thanks for the visit. Checked out your blog and it's awesome. Hopefully i can visit Barocay very soon. ^0^

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