Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

1. Because i'm SUPER HUGE LEGO fansss
   Me and Ms.LegoGiraffe @Lego Discover centre Berlin,Germany
She absolutely have a gorgeous lipstick, slim long legs and super cute sunflower hair clip

Me and Helen, a friend from Taiwan visiting the Legoland discovery Centre @Berlin

2. Since i was a baby, my passion is to become a LEGO designer
  See legomans that i created during my visit to LEGO Store in Berlin. 
Pretty cool right?? ^.^V

After finish created them, its time pack them and bring them home for gift

3. I want to have photos with the Three Cameras Legoman
    Saw my friend, Jeffrey's photos in facebook and since then i'm dying to have the same photo with this adorable Three Cameras Legoman
I believe we are a soul-mate as we do have the same hobby:
Carrying cameras ^0^

4. To get my driving license
    Only in Legoland can get DRIVING LICENCE at the age of 6!!
    I'm 24 and there still no clue that i'm going to get a real driving licence pretty soon. 
So, Legoland is my only hope!!!!!!
I gotta have this, no matter what!!!

Driving seems to be so much fun. Jealous!!!

5. I want to get my own minifigure
   Last time i was so busy creating mini figures for my friends and family as i want to brought it back as gift to them. At the end i don't have one for my self. Back to Berlin obviously is not an option for now. 
So pleaseeeeeeeeee MAYBANK, give me a ticket to legoland.
 I have to get my own minifigure before everything is too little too late!

Took one last photo with Woody from toy story before leaving the store


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