Monday, November 12, 2012

Traditional English Afternoon Tea Set @ Delicious

Traditional English Afternoon Tea Set : For 2 pax Consists of : 
3 Scones
6 Assortment of Finger Sandwiches
2 Duck Confit in Filo Pastry
2 Strawberry Chocolate Dip
2 Handrolled Chocolate Truffles
3 Rosemary & Cheese Cookies
1 Slice of Cake or Dessert on Display
Any 2 Cups of Hot Tea / Coffee (Illy Coffee)

I add a tea set with free refill. 
1 cup of tea is never enough especially with a great company :)

chamomile tea with lemon slice. Super fresh and awakening  

I'm not a sweet lover but surprisingly i do love this Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova
2 of my friends said that this cake is overly sweet. I do agree with them but if you know how to eat this cake properly, then you can actually subset the sweetness with the sour of the strawberry plus with the bitterness of the chocolate dipping. So, to get the unique sensation of this particular cake, you got to eat everything at once, -not whole cake at once-, i mean everything must be there for each bite. The best part is , when the cake actually melting once it inside our mouth. Yum yumm

See how this dessert make me happy like a kid :)

Some other pastries 

Vidi and me relaxing after shopping the whole day ;)

Overall, we love the ambiance of the restaurant setting in Mid valley. 
Colorful, open air and comfortable sitting arrangement. Very supportive for this afternoon tea time ritual with friends. We just chills and chat for hours accompanied by sweets and hot teas. Best idea for lovely afternoon.


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