Sunday, August 29, 2010

Super Delicious NOODLE

Today officially is my lazy day...
woke up at 10am than when to church at sunway area at 11am.
as usual, we are 9 persons , minus anthony who are currently on Seoul Korea for his student exchange program. so nice...

okey, than the most exciting part today was the time after finish from church.we are absolutely will go to subang area for lunch. this specific restaurant is our top favorite now.

this is my 2nd time, but actually i already felt in luv with the noodle since 1st time i tried it.
for me, not only for me actually, all of us aggree that so far this is the best noodle ever we tried in Malaysia. we found it just now after almost 4 years stay in Malaysia. poor us.. hahahhaa....
This is the Super Duper Delicioso noodle :)

i always order for big mix bowl with mieehoon.
it also available with yellow mie, miesoa, and kuetiaw.
the soup is so delicious and smell really good. it great to enjoy while it still in HOT condition hahahaha... coz u will get sauna effect ^^V you will sweating alot n it really feel good :D

1 bowl is alot for a small girl like me ^^V make me felt so full
thats y after back home i directly slept (it around 3pm) and woke up at 7pm... oh no!!!!

this restaurant is establish more than 20years already. it really have many loyal customer. if u plan to go there pliss make sure that u arent on really hungry condition. because it take 45 to 60minute for the noodle to come to ur table after u order it. but believe me it really worth it.



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