Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yey!!! nOnaCapsa B'day :)

Finally, i have my own blog.
so excited ^^V . 1st actually a bit lazy to have one coz im quite a moody person,
afraid that later cannot consistent. But than on the way creating nOnaCapsa, im so enjoy every moment of it. the headache to find a nice background, color, picture and tools to decorate her and finally done with simple yet my style appearance, really make me happy.

so now, i really have a place to share and save all my days fun, joy, new experience and even sadness. not forget tips and sales info ^^V shopping shopping babe...

hmm, ok than, im quite tired and tomorrow have morning class. so, its time to go to bed already, than watch TRUE BLOOD (OMG, i cant wait for this 10th episode), than sleep ^^
ps: eric so hot ^^V


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