Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paris; Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is the 1st tourism site that I visited in Paris. It is because on that day is exactly Easter and I wanted to have an Easter mass in a church. It is why my friend Sourosh suggested us to go to Notre Dame in early morning so that I can have my Easter Mass and my other friends can have their sight seeing inside or around the cathedral. Everybody Happy  ^^V

Group photo in front of the Cathedral

We are so ready to explore Paris
(Location: train station)
In front of "Petit Pont" or little bridge 
Pose in front of Notre Dame
How do I look ???  ^^V
Inside the Cathedral

People inside the Cathedral during Easter Mass

For tourist who only want to come for visit can go inside the Cathedral even during the Mass time. The tourists will have walking path on side while the middle area is using for mass. Tourist can walk around the Cathedral or climb up to the roof. There is no admission for entering the Cathedral.

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