Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paris Attraction; Eiffel Tower

A must visit tourism site in Paris: Eiffel Tower

I been there right after from Notre Dame Cathedral. There are so many people was queuing when we arrived because it was holiday. Luckily we bought the entry ticket online if not we might need to queue for at least 1 hour to get the ticket. 

Free from queuing for buy the ticket didn't means we are free from queuing for the elevator to went up to the tower. It was a tiring day as we queued a lot to went up as well for went down. To killed the queuing time of course we snap snap snap a lot of photos and below are few of them  ^^V

Finally arrived on the tower. Took a photo with my friend from Hungary: Miklós Világhy

Paris: Photo taken from the 2nd floor of Eiffel Tower

We went down after spent time around 3hours on the tower. (Most of the time was for queuing)
Then continued took photos with Eiffel tower as the background

Controversial Statue right across the tower. 

Also this one ^^V

Not forget to buy souvenir: Mini Eiffel Tower Keychain. We bought a lot. Who wants, just left comment below this post. ;)

Eiffel tower really look amazing at night. It look like  a giant gold tower. 


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Dear, We Having A Same Leopard Heel!!! Followed your blog~

U Look really enjoy the trip @ Paris!

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