Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Favorite Summer Attire 2011

Fresh, Light and sweeten with some deep colors element is my inspiration for this year 2011 summer. As you can see on the picture above, mini skirt and a simple turtle neck basic give me the feeling of freshness and absolutely they are a very light and comfortable attires. The white gladiator heel enhance my look to be modest and modern. A flip-flop also can be matched with this attire for a relax and easy going theme.

Aside from the main attire, accessories played very important rules on this summer as they really can bright up my appearance. Mix and match between necklaces, watches, earings and bangles is allowed. Don't be afraid to wear much of them as with a simple basic, the more accessories you have the more cool look you get. But of course with note that you match them properly in term of the color and amount. This summer I love to wear double necklaces at the same time and bangles on both of my hands. They look just fine. not too much at all!! :)

As I mentioned above, deep color element inspired me as well in this season. My favorite colors now are orange, red and green. See my accessories, most of them consist of several colors and it give advantage on mix and match. Also, it really brighten up my appearance and they look sweet like candies :)

Last but not least, a simple make up will do. DO NOT wear make up with too many color combination as it will make you look like a clown because your accessories attract enough attention already.
I wore two blue eye shadows and for the smooky effect I used grey color. No black eye shadow this time as I wanted it too be light. And then eye liner + blush on and the must thing is lip gloss. Super shinny lip gloss and wear it only in the middle of your lip as well as along the lips line to get the 3D effect.

A healthy color skin is  a plus for summer look. My tips: Drink a lot of mineral water and never forget to moisturize your skin with body lotion everyday. It is the most simple way to have a healthy skin. I never skip applying body lotion to my body and my favorite body lotions are White musk by ALYSSA ASHLEY and White Musk and Vanilla by BODY SHOP. 

Green Mini Skirt by Zara; Turtle Neck Basic by Madonna;
Butterfly Neckales by Accessories; Colorful Round Neckales by Pink Evil Supermarket
Red&green bangles by Vinnci Accessories; Gladiator heel by Sfera.

Photografer: Salem Hussein


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Jangan lupa melamar kerja yaaah hohohoho

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sipo sipo :)

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