Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ridz Okumura Saloon & Boutique

Been to Ridz Okumura Saloon & Boutique yesterday and  the place is nice and comfortable, also the treatment that I got is value for my payment. I been there with a promotion voucher which cost me RM69 for hair grooming package (worth RM450) that include:

-Hair Colouring (Any Hair Length) 
-Hair Treatment + Scalp Treatment 
-Wash + Blow 

So, here I'm gonna share my experience and later you can decide weather the promotion package is worthed or not.

First I will talk bout the place and the facilities in the saloon. Overall it is a really nice saloon with comfortable couches for guest while waiting for their turn to be served or for those who just come to accompany their friend or partner. The waiting area is completed with flat screen monitor and dvd player also, some snacks together with coffee or tea is served on the table. See pictures below.

Main waiting area

Flat screen + DVD Player

Some snacks and drink + Megazine

Another couch for sit if the main waiting area full

Secondly, regarding the staffs. When I was there there were only 3 main staffs who were in and the another 3 still in holiday. They all are nice and helpful. I called several time to asked for direction and they help me till I got to the saloon. Also 1 of my friend asked so many adjustment with the voucher such as change the manicure to hair cut and change the hair color treatment to crack-heel treatment and they really tried they best to give my friend what see wanted and finally got it.

Next, about the treatment. I tried all what they promises on the package and I''m really satisfied with my new hair color. To choose my hair color, I got a professional advice and it was professionally done with Loreal matirel product. While waited for my hair coloring process at the same time I got my manicure done.

Me during the treatment
The manicure is a classic manicure and the nail polish is from O.P.I. No hand massage. I talked with the lady who did the manicure for me and she said we can request for extra service but later we have to top up for it.
I choose Orange neon color. Summer!!

For the hair and Scalp treatment they do it at one time. No machine involved and they do it after the hair coloring finish. So, after hair wash they gonna put some product to our hair, little head massage and then waited for around 15-20 minutes and then wash hair again, blow and finish. I forget to asked whether there is any extra charge if we want for styling blow.

Me & my friend after the treatment
She got her new hair cut and I got my new hair color

In my opinion, the voucher is really worthed. I mean, if I go to any saloon, for my hair length the cheapest hair color I can get is round RM160. Not to mention the cost to top up for the hair treatment. Even thought the manicure and hair + scalp treatment very simple but since I got my hair color really well done, I think it really valued for what I paid which is only RM69. And I surely will back to this saloon again because the service from the staff is really nice.

So, if you want to get this promotion voucher as well you can directly buy it this link:

And you might need to be hurry as the time left to purchase this deal is only another 40 hours from now. It's mean it gonna end at Tuesday (6 sept 11) morning around 11am. For more info about the voucher and the saloon location you can find it from the link above. And my advice is you can just directly call the saloon if you have any question regarding the service and I'm 100% sure they will answer you clearly. Feel free to request for change some of the service such as hair color to hair cut, they will give it to u.

Enjoy and wish you all have a good day :)

Adding two photos I just took last night with a better quality camera so you can see the color that I choose but I forget the name of the color. sorry.....  ^^V

I choose photos with my friends because they have original black hair and when I stand beside them my hair color really out. ;)

My Next Visit

With Rid; The saloon owner
He is very nice and the service in this saloon is very good.

I'm done, waiting for Anam Baig to finish her hair treatment

Address: Impian Meridian S01-13, Jalan Subang 1, USJ1, 47000, Subang Jaya, Selangor03-5891 1402Mon-Sun : 10am to 8pm / Including on public holidays


Anonymous said...

wht is the brand of the treatments?

Filivi said...

they use product from loreal :)

nety hartaty said...

sis,what colour that u choose?thanks

Filivi said...

i forget la. it mix of 2 colors if im not mistaken. i been there and roughly told him what kind of color i would like to have and he choose for me and i like it :)

Tin Ting said...

is it Ajeng(MMU) in your picture?

Anonymous said...

No good at all.appointment has been make still need wait for 30 minute.

Filivi said...

@ting ting : yes. it is ajeng mmu

Filivi said...

Hi there, so sorry to hear that. maybe you come on busy day. I spoke with Rid, and he said he is recruiting more staff. Hopefully now get enough staff to handle all of us :)

Sheryl said...

Hi there, do you have any idea the price range for their services? Like how much is hair cutting n etc. Thanks! Would like to give it a try at this saloon.

Filivi Alexander said...

cut, standard long hair if i'm not mistaken around rm45. but,this salon quite often give promotion. for cut+color+wash around rm69 only. u can call 1st before you come and ask if they got any promotion or no. for me, if come, luckily always with promotion price ^.^

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