Friday, August 24, 2012

Brotzeit; German Bier Bar & Restaurant @ Sunway Piramid

 It's been a year since the last time i was in Germany for my student exchange 
and i do  miss Germany food badly. Luckily in Malaysia we have quite alot of
Germany restaurants and one of the best is Brotzeit that served 
authentic German food and premium German Bier 


Joff, Siska and me on our weekend hangout

Our Main Course consist of: Pork knuckle, Sausages, Meat loafs, Beacons

Oh i miss pork knuckle badly. My favorite dish when i was in Germany
It quite cheap there around 10Euro/meal approximately Rm40.
In Malaysia for an individual pork knuckle meal is cost around RM80

Side Dishes

Bagas and Mingming confused have to start from where 1st hhahahahha

Here we go: Sausages and Sauerkraut 1st

All that we had for our lunch. These all is good for 4-5 persons

The thing that we couldn't miss while having German Food: The German Biers

Below is the link to the official website and for the full menu and prices

Bon Appetite!!


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