Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today I'm happy hAppy Happy!!!!!! Yey!!!

Firstly, because my lovely camera is back. it's been a month it was 'sick' and had to be sent to Singapore for 'medication'. So, now on I can upload nice and good quality picture Yey!!! :)
(really can't tahan with my 2 megapixel hp camera)

Welcome back Darling muach... :*

Secondly, when we are on the way to picked up my camera, suddenly I got an sms from Tangs mentioned that I receive rm50 Free Shopping voucher. Wow!!!
Now I ask you, who will give you rm50 just like that in these day except your relative?!!!
No one right?
And this is the 2nd time already. I got the same surprise early these year around February if i'm not mistaken. I thought this is a yearly surprise, never thought that I will get the same surprise twice within a year.

Therefore, hurry to apply Tangs membership card ya. But U might need to buy something from Tangs around min rm250 in order to apply for the free membership card. ^^V

Talking about shopping, Just now I went to Ikano and there was a big sale going on.
It's Padini Group Fair

Sale up to 70%

You can find Vincci & Vincci+ in discount of 50-70%

You also can find formal outfit, Padini & Co apparel and Vincci accessories.
all 50-70% discount.

So hurry run to Ikano before all nice item gone.

Enjoy and do practice Smart Shopping, Okey!


j_fish said...

Arrhhh!!! Thx for the info!! >___________<

Filivi said...

your welcome :)
stay tune and follow ya if want to be always up-to-date with all sales going around :)

lets we hunt them together hahahha... ^^V

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