Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink Evil's Fashion Supermarket Opening Promotion; Pavilion

I'm back!!!
It's been busy week lately. Thanks to the holiday on this Wednesday, finally had time to go out for a while :)

Good news for you guys, Fashion Supermarket just open in Pavilion.
Therefore it offers a super fabulous Opening Promotion.
You can get a really nice skirt only Rm10!!!
Sure it not the only promotion going on,
So why don't you head down there to check it out before all gone :)

Oh, I also tried new restaurant in Pavilion's food-court
because when I passed by many people queuing and the way they serve the food it's quite unique, so I thought I should try it ^^V

This is the one that I just mention

This what they use to serve their fried kuetiaw

My Carrot cake Rm7

Joffrey's Omelet Oyster Rm8

Never forget to drop by Tangs :)
And I just redeem my Free rm50 Voucher as one of Tangs Top Spender :)

Passed by the entrance of pavilion and Christmas really come early this year :)

I always Love Christmas Yey!!! :)

Really can't wait for 25 Dec...... ><


vidhy said...

nice pic =)
will go there on friday,
thanks for d info fil <3

Filivi said...

Welcome vidhy :)
Beside Fashion supermarket also got Cutton on. I love shopping there as well. Both of them have unique collection. happy shopping :)

BCT163A 1 on 1 said...

fi, ituh toko yg lg opening promotion, yg skirtny cm 10 ringgit, ituh skirt bs d bt k kantor kan? mereka jg ada baju2 kantor gt g?

zara aluwi said...

Hi Filivi... nice blog. Xmas just nearby and promotions here and there. So shops shops don't miss a thing for Xmas hahaha.

Filivi said...

hi k zara thanks for the visit. just start to write a blog 3 months ago. still have to learn alot. :)
ya, thats y i love stay in Malaysia...
so many promotion hahahha...

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