Friday, November 5, 2010

Transparent Shoes Box

Do you ever encounter difficulty when trying to find your favorite shoes when you want to go to party?
Using the same shoes everyday because you have no time or too lazy to open your shoes box one by one?

I bet most of you are experiencing this kind of problem. therefore I will reveal my TOP SECRET how to organize and find all your shoe in a few second.

Here it is:
The Transparent Shoes Box
Mine with little cute butterfly stamp on it :)
The box so far is come with white and pink color.
But I prefer white color because it look more simple and tidy

Look from in front

You can carry it easily for travel if necessary

As you can see, in 1 minute you are absolutely can find your shoes you wanted to wear on the spot. They were kept safely,clean and well protected from dust. :)

All these box I brought from Indonesia. Unfortunately I still can't find it in Malaysia and the fastest time I will go back to Indonesia is around Feb next year.
So, for all of you who know where I can find this Transparent Shoes Box in Malaysia please share.
I really need more as my number of shoes collection keep growing everyday. Really can't hold myself every time see gorgeous shoes around :)

Ups, I almost forget to inform you that these box are come in 3 different size which are M (like mine), L and XL (for men shoes). The price also according to the size. For M size if convert it to Ringgit Malaysia is around RM6-Rm7/box.


ririegembul said...

kakak balik feb???

kak ada rencana bli syushu g??/

hahahah.. :D

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