Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's been long time...

It's been long time I didn't update nOnaCapSa and really sorry for that. 
I've been so busy arranging my next trips to explore Europe. There are so many cities me and my travel buddies want to see but we only have limited time now. 3months left and then have to say bye bye...

The thinking about leaving is killing me softly as I felt in love and feel comfortable here, staying in Hof,Germany. I have a lovely housemate, friendly and kind neighbors, nice friends at school and travel buddies and not to mentions all  great parties and events which I seldom find in my own country. I like the food here and travelling is so easy and affordable as you now my hobby is travelling. Moreover, my shopping activities also getting better here as I found many shops that are not available in Asia such as H&M, Madonna, & Tally Weijl.

There are many stories and photos queuing up to be posted here such my trip to Salzburg;Austria, trip to Italy:Rome, Florence & Pisa, trip to Berlin and BWM Plant in Leipzig and many others interesting times I spent with my Erasmus Friends. I will try my best to share them once I have the time and please pray for my health as I suffer from Stomachache lately :(

Last but not least I wish all of you have a great day always.
GBU. Cao..   ^^

n/b; kinda feeling strange publishing a post without photo on it hahahahha.....  ^^V
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