Friday, June 10, 2011

Berlin Cheap Transportation Ticket; Berlin Day Pass

Berlin as a capital city is quite a big city and for sure there are many tourism spots and places that must be visited when we are there. I been to Berlin last week and I found that by having a day ticket for transportation is really help me to save a lot for transportation cost around the city.

There are several package for tourist regarding transportation ticket around the city such as BerlinCityTourCard and BerlinWelcomeCard. You may buy them, as besides you can use those ticket for transportation, the ticket also entitle for discount in several museums. However, since I'm a student and with my student card I can get discount to entering museum and other attraction spots there is no need for me to get those card. A Simple Day Ticket or Group Day Ticket will do because it's more cheaper then the BerlinCard.
Therefore here I will give tutorial on how you can get your Day Ticket in the Automate Ticket Machine that available in all station in Berlin. With these tickets you can go wherever you want in Berlin because it can be use for bus, S-line and U-line trains.

First is tutorial for single traveler that need a Day Ticket
  • On below screen you just need to choose what type of Day Ticket you need according to the zone which you want to travel inside Berlin. All the Important tourism spots mostly located in zone A & B. Therefore I selected a Day Ticket in zone A&B. As for the single ticket is valid for all transportation for duration of 2hours only and it cost 2.80euro/adult and 1.4euro/Children.

  • The next screen will bring you to the payment screen and as you can see the Day Ticket only cost you 6.30Euro/adult/day.

Second tutorial for Traveler in a group and need Group Day Ticket
  • If you are travelling to Berlin in a group of at least 3 persons to max 5persons. Below are the tutorial on how you can get your Group Day Ticket
  • Click ---> other tickets

  • Click---> Group day pass for up to 5 People

  • Choose your preferable Zone. (example zone A&B)

  • Payment screen. It Cost only 15Euro for a group ticket of max 5 persons ( each person only pay 3euro for 1 day transportation cost) if you are in a group of 3persons still each person only pay 5euro/day. still cheaper then a Day Ticket (6.30Euro).

Note that this Group Day Ticket is a piece of ticket, therefore you must always travel with your group together using this 1 piece of ticket. You can't split up. 

I hope this post can help you enjoy the city of Berlin to the max. Have a good day :)


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excellent ! Thank you very much ! It was very important for me to know it !

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