Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trip to BMW Plant;Leipzig Germany

My campus held a trip to visit BMW plant in Leipzig last Monday (6/6). It was a nice trip as it free from the transportation till the guided tour in the BWM plant. Also, the weather forecast said that it gonna be a rainy day but on that day the weather just nice. The sky was dark but no rain, windy and not too hot. 

On the bus. (left to right: Martina, Me, Ira and Any)

It took around 2.5 hours from Hof to arrive in Leipzig. Below are the entrance of the BMW Plant. No photos is allowed inside the building. so bad. It really cool inside I can tell :D
Me & Iris so ready to see The Making of BMW.  The goggle is needed as we visited the making of the body part of the car. Many robots in that room. 
On the Receptionist while waited for the tour start. 
After finished tour in BMW plant we were given 4hours free time to explore Leipzig City Centre.

Leipzig is a nice city for shopping and relaxing but not much for sightseeing. We went to Panorama Tower and from here you can see the whole city. the entry fee is 3euro.
On the top of the tower
One of my favorite photo :)

We split into several groups when exploring the city and we found this group of Any, Ira and Aileen sunbathing. hahahaha...  Leipzig was quite small and we need only few hours too see almost everything and we still have enough time for sunbathing. :)


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