Friday, August 26, 2011

Thai Airways; On flight Meals

This is my 2nd time fly with Thai Airways. The 1st was exactly 6  months ago when I flew from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia to Munich,Germany. This time is my return flight. I finished my student exchange as well as my Europe trip so I had to back home. I'm gonna share all my Europe trip experiences and also my student exchange life and how everything feels like a dream to me as soon as I back to Malaysia, in other posts which will coming very soon. 

In this post mostly I share about how comfortable is my approximately 16hours flight with Thai Airways. The chairs is wide and soft enough. The food was great and the flight attendances was really kind and served us very well.

On the picture below that I took from the in-flight magazine, there is a detail on basic compliment when we purchase either economy or business and first class seat.

Currently Thai Airways also collaborate with  Resort World Sentosa, SIngapore  and with our boarding pass we can get 10% discount for entry ticket to Universal Studio and 15% discount for the Voyage de la Vie Show.

Now lets talk about the in-flight meals. My flight from Munich to Bangkok started at 21.50. So, I had my dinner 1st, then breakfast and the last one is Lunch on my flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur.

Below are the Menu booklet:

For Dinner I had Cooked Alaska Coal Fish
The fish taste good and moisturize enough. The spinach quite strange but still eatable.The noodles a bit spicy but great. I don't like the dessert because it is with mocca flavor. I don't take anything related to coffee. I love the most the Prawn salad. So yummy :)

After this heavy dinner I can't do anything except sleeping. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
And then woke up on time for the breakfast :)

Around 2hours after breakfast we were landing in Bangkok. I had to transferred to another flight to Kuala Lumpur and I had my lunch on the second plane.
It is rice with chicken and vegie. This time I liked the dessert because it with Blackcurrant flavor and at the button it has chocolate cake as the based. Sweet Sweet ^0^

During the whole flight I sat near the window and the advantage is I can see outside and I took few sunset pictures:

In Conclusion, I love to fly with Thai Airways and absolutely will happy fly again with it and recommend it to you especially for long our flight. As for short hour flight the price might be a bit expensive but for the service we will get, I think it worthed.  Cheers....


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