Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watson Membership Card

Finally i got my Watson membership Card!!!!

it launched last week already but because of exam week, i have no time to go out and get it.
actually tomorrow at 3pm i also have exam for business law and suppose to study hard today,
but what can i do.. i felt so boring that's why i went to alamanda :)

so, here is the card n the 60 gift vouchers

Thanks to watson that give us so many gift vouchers .

Oh, don't forget there is a lifetime membership fee. So pay once only for the first time you get your card. It is RM12.
So upon getting your card, you will get the 60 gift vouchers and a membership card. Its worth for your money.

In addition, there are still many other membership benefits that you can see in detail on the brochure attached to the membership package.

There are also other offers going on in Watson for this week.

Buy1 free 1 promo.
Bring your friends together to Watson, so later you can share to get those promotion price :)
Anyway, i only managed to take 2 pictures above as I was told politely by the security officer that taking photos is prohibited right after the 2nd picture was taken. :)

Later from Watson, we went to Carrefour because Joffrey wanted to buy some bread.
But then, before we reach to the bread shelf, we stopped on the clearance stock section hehehe ^^V

Here's my Winnie the pooh head rest cover for my car :)
Rm15 only. normal price rm35

Dove Shampoo 700ml. RM16.90 only, instead of RM27. Got 1 for the damaged hair (blue color)

Hmm... passed by the Sushi stall huhuhuhu... can't take our eyes away from it hahaha...

Joffrey confused which one to take from this two package.
so, I chose la!! :) the one in the left because I hate raw meat. Actually, i wanted the unagi only hehehe...

So,later we had the bread and other few things then we left alamanda. Came back home (planned to continue study but ended up with inviting Gusta and Sis Ajenk to my house and had burgers for dinner together)

Till now, I haven't continue my study huhuhuhuhu....
ok la, finish the meal than continue study. okie..

Wish me luck. Tomorrow is the very last paper in my degree at MMU


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