Friday, September 3, 2010

When to Dentist n Pavilion after that :)

Today woke up so early @ 8am.
coz i had appointment with my friend to see a dentist in KL.
finnally i made it, go to dentist. after suffer alot for my tooth pain.
it is the 2nd teeth from behind.i got a huge hole, but now closed already. :)
thanks God, and especially thanks to IKRAM yg berbaik hati menghantarkan ke tempat dentist tu.

but after 1 month i have to return for final treatment, bcoz im taking the root treatment. hopefully after no problem anymore. bcoz only God knows how painful a tooth pain it is. really cant describe!!! it really a nightmare

so, after from dentist, joffrey direct wanted to back to cyber, but, of coz i not let it happend
hehheeeh... (devil smile)
than we when to pavilion had luch and of coz shopping :)
(after from dentist of coz i really need a refreshing hohhohhoho)

My lunch; dumpling noodle yummy..

huge n unique model. found it in topshop. of coz they dont have my size T.T

end up with bought 9pieces women special inside hardware on Cotton On Body. they are gorgeous. :)
sorrie cant upload photo ^^V
and 1 Martina Pink bag.
so,refreshing mission is completed today :)


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