Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

its been long time didnt hv any update. so sorie coz i was so buzy when i back home. after back to cyber last monday also direct buzy on preparing n study for FINAL EXAM!! 1st paper is tommorow huhuhuhuh.... T.T
really lose my study mood. thats y i need a place to talk to release my tension.
please international finance, be nice with me 2morrow ya .. ^^V

owh.. since today is mid autumn festival, i also not forget to have my mooncake :)


actually my favorite mooncake is TWINS BEAUTIES by Yong Sheng gift shop.
but have no time to out n get it. but, this pure lotus also great :)

so, today do nothing except studied in library. when to a convenient store near my apartment to buy my favorite chocolate wafer.

i really luv it. only can find in NZ. if anyone know where to get this please tell me. coz buy in NZ is so expensive. 1 bar rm3. even i bought in 1 box (25 bar inside) the price is rm75. no discount at all HUH!!!!!

anyway, since i talk alot about food now (dun know y it makes me somehow feel better) ^^V
i want to share a pic of my Fav food at my hometown.


it made from fish. im sure u never seen or tasted it before bcoz it only can be found at my hometown JONGKONG. so, hope u enjoy the pic :)

Pray for my Exam 2morrow plisssss........


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