Monday, September 27, 2010


This the latest news from airasia and i actually a bit confused on how i want to react on this news.

As the title said, now as we are flying with airasia in the blue sky we can actually make call, or sending sms to our parents, friends or boyfriend (s) to chat with them to throw away boring feeling while sitting for hours on the plane. we can even surf the internet for playing FB playfish game (so sorry for those who use iPAD, it didnt support flash so cant play )

WOW, of coz u will think that this is a really good news. but wait till u hear how much it will cost u!!! :)

Here is the rate:

Special in-flight roaming rates for Maxis users




RM11 / minute


RM25 / MB

So, r u happy now or it actually wont give any effect at all on ur next infligh activities, since it cost u as high as where u r sitting????

i know its not a joke but, it still funny. for me, i rather sleep or just keep alot of game or video n music in my electronic device n enjoy it inflight. calling n sms later la,right after landing wont be too late. right???

But i do agree, this new innovation will really help in emergency case, such as for those who r in business trip or parents worrying their children flying alone or other extreme emergency cases.
So please do consider

Anyway keep supporting arasia as i had enjoyed so many rm15 return ticket for my holiday :)

Here the full story:

"Have you ever had the urge to whip out your phone in the middle of a flight and just tried to call someone to see if it would really affect the aircraft navigation systems? Or even just to text someone that you are 30,000 feet over the Pacific ocean? Well, technically, with Air Asia and Maxis, you can. In a partnership with, OnAir, Maxis has brought voice calling, SMS-ing and data to selected AirAsia flights within the region.

Now before you go firing up your mobiles after the "no mobiles to be used" sign is switched off, bear in mind that the in-flight communications system is just like roaming to a different country, in that the costs involved are higher than your normal rates. When I say higher, what I meant to say was prohibitively higher. At RM11/min for voice calls, RM2 per SMS and RM25/MB for GPRS data, I can't imagine anyone using this for just a leisurely chat with the family. You didn't think it would be cheap would it? Before you start thinking you can save money by getting people to call you, as it is for when you're roaming, incoming calls are chargeable too. We're not sure about SMS' but having a one-sided SMS conversation can't be much fun can it?

For now, AirAsia has installed GSM Onboard systems on 4 out of their fleet of 96 A320 aircrafts and plan to roll it out on a further 1-2 by the end of the year. Eventually they are planning to expand coverage to the long haul airline AirAsia X. For those of you who have the money to spend, the next time you fly AirAsia, listen out for the crew to tell you when you can use your phone!"

Full Press Release After The Jump


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