Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tourist Attractions in Bamberg; Heritage Buildings

Bamberg is a beautiful city that attract many tourists with it's UNESCO World Heritage Site and little Venice in the heart of the city. I was having a one day trip in Bamberg 2 days ago with my friends and we all love the city.  The restaurants are great, Shopping street are fabulous and the old city is really nice. Streets fulled with tourist from around the world and we took a lot of beautiful picture with a fascinating background.

Fews of my Snap-shoot. Feelings like make it as a postcard :)

The biggest and oldest Cathedral in Bamberg. A must visiting site.

The famous Little Venice

We can take a ride on the white boat through the river for cost of 8 Euro/persons. On the afternoon we also can watch people doing some kayaking on the river. 

Took my photos on the Old Town area with river, heritage building and beautiful garden as the background. Nice weather and amazing views. 

Enjoyed so many things in Bamberg even thought in a short visit. Hangout, Sightseeing, Shopping and dining. As my experience, one day is quite enough to explore the main tourist attractions in Bamberg. However, it will be more fun if can spend more time there. You won't feel boring because the city center is always full with people. The city is old but alive :)

I did snap few pictures on the architectural of the city. No editing for those pictures so that you can imagine the real Bamberg environment. Enjoy. Cheers

The Rose Garden. No flower yet but I bet it gonna be wonderful on summer :)

Shortcut to the Cathedral

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Hope this sharing can give you an idea about the city of Bamberg and I really wish you will visit this city in nearly future. Cheers...


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