Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Berlin Modlareuth; Germany

Today, we are the international students in Hochschule made a small trip to visit The Little Berlin museum ( a museum depicting the history of German division). It was a great trip as we can see and touch the remaining "Berlin Wall " that separated German into half.

We were watch a short movie on the history of the Berlin wall before we had our tour around the museum. The movie is with narator and combination of real photos and videos taken when the even took places. This photo below taken on the movie room :)

Me and the soldier statue. So tall!!!  >,<


Taking photos with old vehicles inside the museum.

Me & Elena from Rusia

With Akash from India

In front of Helicopter

With AiLin from Malaysia

Old Passport

Original pieces from the Berlin Wall.There are stamp on those pieces but we can't see it on this photo.
The museum is not in a building but more to a small village. The environment is original left from the origin village like in the board. and we (with AiLeen from Taiwan) are standing in the exact place as what we see in the board. 
The remaining Berlin Wall.
We all are freezing during this tour. The wind super cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......
Taking Photo with the Berlin Wall as background

There is small door on the wall. The history mention that If we pass this door, we will out to the other side of Germany. It's like go to oversea. But now, when I passed the door it was nothing happend actually hahahaha...  ^^V


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