Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free 60 minutes to landlines and mobile phones from Skype to ISIC Member

ISIC card is an International Student Identity Card. It distributed in 120 countries and give a lot of benefit to it's member worldwide. As a holder of ISIC card, I found out that this card is really help me in-term of saving money during my travelling and enjoyment time. For example discounted price for museum ticket when I visited some museum in Nurmberg;Germany, special movie ticket price for student in Malaysia, and student fare of flight ticket to Europe with extra luggage allowance.

Here are the ISIC card of me and my Erasmus friends.

We took this photo when we were in train for our weekend trip to Nurmburg. These ISIC card are from Malaysia, Taiwan, Hungary, Czech Republic and Rusia. The design are almost the same except for ISIC card from Czech Republic that attached with a chip on it and the card can be used as device for money related transaction.

Besides those benefit I mentioned above, last night I just discovered another one interesting benefit. But this benefit is only applicable for ISIC card member who are currently staying in Germany and have a Skype account. It is a 60 minutes free call voucher to landlines and mobile phones in Germany.

Follow steps below to redeem your Free call voucher:
- click Discount Tab
- You will be directed to a page below and click more on Skype Voucher

- Scroll down and click Get Online
- Fill up the information required on the form and click submit
- Wait for 24hours for the voucher code to be delivered into your email
- Enjoy your Free call till 31 May 2011!!!


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