Monday, March 21, 2011

Special Things in Germany

As you know sausages is everywhere in Germany. It is the most convenient food you can find here. Easy to find, prepare and of course all of them are tasty because till now I haven't find any Germany sausages that I don't like.

As in the picture above, in my left hand side is the famous Nurnberg sausage. It is small and it is a grill/ fried sausage. The taste is quite different and unique if we compare with other sausage. It is because most of the sausages are strong in the meat flavor where as the Nurnberg sausage is rich of spices therefore the meat flavour are not as strong as other sausages.

Below is the picture of the Nurnberg sausage when I tried it at the 1st time in Nurnberg city when I had city tour there few weeks ago.

On my right hand side you as can see is the white color packaging sausage. It is a typical boil sausage. I need only to boil the sausage few minutes in hot water, peal off the skin and it will ready to be consumed. It is a healthy sausage because they mix it with vegie inside and since we boil it therefore we can avoid oil intake. 

Here are another type of sausages that are currently inside my frig: 

The sigir (beef) sausage is a halal sausage. It also available in chiken flavor. As you know it is very difficult to find halal sausage in Germany as most of Germany sausage are made from pork meat. This sausage I found it a Turkish grocery store and the taste is almost the same with sausage that we can find in asia. That is why I like this sausage because I need to eat something that taste Asia and make me feels home :)

The other sausage is German pork sausage. Smell so nice when u grill it and of course it tasty.

This is my favorite dinner so far. Fresh salad mix with tomatoes and apples + 2 rolls of fried/grill sausages. Low carbo and yummy... 

The most I hate fact about staying here is I can't find Chili Padi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Food without spicy taste is annoying!!!   hahhahahaha....

The chili above is the smallest chili I can find here and it not spicy at all. Really miss Chilli padi: small red chili. Super Hot Chili.

Also, everywhere here they consume tomatoes sauce!! it is very difficult to find Hot Chili sauce. Lucky I found this Super hot Sriracha Scharfe Chillisauce. Of course the taste and hotness not as good as 'Sambal ABC" (Indonesia favorite),  but it is better than nothing. 

Next thing that are unique and special for me here is that finally I got my Id and atm card with Filivi Alexander on it. ^^V

Most of my friend will know what I mean and for those who don't know the story,I will tell you now. My full name since I was born till november 2010 was Filivi. Yup, Filivi Only. I don't have family name. In my country it is a normal case even though sometime I face problem from my so-called "single word name" such as when I have to fill out personal detail when buying flight ticket. What I used to do is I filled up the first name and family name boxes with Filivi thus on my flight ticket it will appear as Ms. Filivi Filivi. It so funny hahahha...

I actually have no intention to add my family name on my name till I been accepted to be one of the representative from my campus for student exchange in Germany. It is because in Germany family name is very important and it is almost impossible to be in Germany as an individual without family name. I will absolutely face difficulty on applying my visa and other formal documents. Therefore on December 2011 I when to Indonesia Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and had my father name added into my name and I'm now Ms. Filivi Alexander. Love my new name :)

My 1'st German atm card as well as my 1'st atm card with Filivi Alexander written on the card. :)


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