Sunday, February 6, 2011

1st experience fly with FIREFLY Airlines; Kuala Lumpur - Kuching Route.

It's been a while I didn't update any post.
Feel so bad to leave nonacapsa for 10days.

So, I actually taking Chinese New Year break and went back to my hometown, Jongkong,West Borneo; Indonesia. 10days absolutely very short period for preparation and celebration CNY. That's why I have no time at all and decided to take full break from internet.  ^^V

Since I have absent for sometimes, therefore I have collected a lot of material that I haven't share with you all.

1st, will show you my 1st flight with FIREFLY Airlines; Kuala Lumpur - Kuching Route.

Start on January 2011, Firefly have new routes to Serawak which are to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu,Sabah.
The terminal for this two flight also from KLIA Sepang not in Subang airport like others destination.
This is why I choose to travel with Firefly because now the airport is more nearer since I staying in cyberjaya, also I got promotion Price RM9 only 1way KL-KCH. 

Me & my only 1 luggage  ^^V

Scenery Taken From Firefly: Prior Landing In Kuching,Serawak Malaysia

I noticed that Firefly have a different wings design with others airline.
The end of the wings is curving. Other plane mostly have flat wings. 
This is not important actually hahahhaha.....

So,in overall Firefly plane size is almost the same with Airasia(AA) and the fare price also competitive with AA.The pricing method also almost the same. Fare price shown is excluded luggage and meal. If we want to have luggage and meal we have to purchase them separately. However the seat is a bit wider and i enjoyed my 1st experience fly with Firefly.  ^^V


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