Friday, February 25, 2011

Frauenkirche: Church of Our Lady; Munich,Germany

2nd stop: Frauenkirche; Church of our Lady
The two tower. one on the right side is under construction.
Also known as one of the Munich's landmark
Can't have a good photo.
Taken this one very fast as my tour guide walk so fast hahahaha..

Watch carefully this signboard in the door of the church.
Do you know what is the 4th picture means????
It is no hands in your pant or no pant or what???
The Church Side Door
The Church Interior

Pope Benedict is originally from this church.
This is his church when he was in Munich.
This church also famous for it's "Footprint of the devil" story
You can wiki the full story. My tour guide tell a lot of story and history and none of them stay longer in my memory  hahahahahha...


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