Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boots Hunting

This week I spent most of my time for so called "Boots Hunting"  ^^
It was fun,challenging and tiring because of my size is freaking difficult to get. My size is 3 and max 4.  

I'm not a boot fans and absolutely it is not the trend to wear boots in Malaysia. So, actually I need to have boots for my Euro Trips. Going to Germany this coming Wednesday,23rd Feb for student exchange program and the weather forecast in Munich on my arrival day is -6C ( Obviously I will need all tick and warm stuffs from head to toes!!

So, my 1st stop: Vincci + ; Rm499

Very nice, luckily they don't have my size so didn't face any Price dilemma hahahahha...

Have 1 like this at home already.
Currently looking for short boot with heel.
Conclusion: no need to try this on!!! ^^

Got this in TopShop Mid Valley.
After 50% discount became RM220
I really like it but a bit heavy and my boyfriend hate it.
He said it's like a rocker's boot. He didn't like it at all!!!  :(

Found this at Robinson.
Look cute but I'm not really into it.

At nose currently also got Promotion 50% Discount.
But all the boots is long boot. uh!!!
Instead of boot, in Nose I like this blue heel.
It look elegant and mysterious. Brought this one home :)

Spent most of my time in Charles and Keith.
They got a lot of boot collection this season.
Unfortunately only few models available in my size.

Wanted this one badly but no size.
In whole Malaysia only have 1 pair in grey color with size 4 
and it's only in Pavilion's outlet. When there but can't felt in love with the grey color one.
So Sad   T.T

Been to Aldo, Nine West and others outlet as well.
End up with a black pair in Forever TwentyOne. Very nice one.
See it in my coming soon Photos in Germany  :)


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