Saturday, February 26, 2011

Viktualienmarkt;Open Market and other nice place in Munich

Quite shiny bright day we got today and we really thanks God for that.
Sonja said it been awhile they haven't enjoy sun shine.Today is really a great day for them.
As for me it really not enough hahahahaha..
The wind still felt so cold and it difficult for me to have a nice photo because i can't really feel my face. 
whether I smiled enough or not for the photo hahhaha... 
In conclusion i'm in "Weather Shock" mode on!!! 

3rd stop: Viktualienmarkt.

4th stop: HofBrÀuhaus; The world’s most famous beer hall
If you order small or big glass of beer, you will get exactly 1 liter beers.
So, if u know that u cant finish 1 liter beer just don't waste your time to go in like what I did hahaha...

Munich Opera House
If you notice the building on the left side has it's wall color a bit strange.
It is because that building is under construction and they put a wallpaper that look alike with the original building appearance covering the whole wall. Smart!! :)
I forget what this building call hahahaha  ^^V
Taking photo with the guardian lion
With Zoe Yi Zhang from china and old euro money
Play with snow after the tour. Both of them are lovely girls. really nice to meet them  :)


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