Friday, February 25, 2011

Flight To Germany With Thai Airways

It been quite a time I didn't update nOnaCapsa and I really sorry that.
It is because I quite busy on arranging my trip to Germany.
Since then I have a problem in internet connection and only now everything is in place.
I just get my electricity adapter and finally can charge my laptop and can get back online.
Really thanks Alexander Jungnikl for helping me a lot on train info, picked me up and even today help me shopping this morning.Without him I won't be able to online now hahahaha...

So, I was flying with Thai airways Kl-Bangkok-Munich on 23rd Feb 2011.
It was 2 hours flight KL-Bangkok
Transit 5 hours in Bangkok.
And continue 11hours flight Bangkok-Munich.
In total 18hours journey. I'm so terribly tired on that day.

I Don't like the screen TV in Thai Airways. I prefers individual mini Tv monitor like in KLM or MAS that allow us to choose our own entertainment. 

Overall my 18hours journey to Germany is quite tiring and absolutely challenging as I travel alone.
Almost lost my jacket on the airport and pay extra luggage rm800++.
Then because I don't want to pay the extra luggage I have to let go 1 of my luggage.
The Good news was after 20minutes panic finally I found my jacket at the check in counter.


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