Saturday, February 26, 2011

My 1st Lunch in Munich

I know it enough talking about those historical and wonderful architecture building in Munich.
Its time to change the topic and here we are.
Lunch time  ^^

Having Lunch with our tour guide after the tours.
Very nice restaurant (again, I forget the name) ^^V
U get free for your 2nd drink.
Lets say if you order 2 glass of beer, you just need to pay 1 glass only.

Munich famous for it's beer...
Its like a must thing to do if you are in Munich is trying the beers.
So, I have to that also rigth?? hahahah
Only, what I did was slightly different with the context above.
what I did was trying to take photo with the beer instead of trying it for real
Fish and mash potatoes

All dish come in a big portion.Wish Jofrey is here with me
so that he can help me to finish as usual..
Miss him already  :(


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