Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ophiuchus; New Zodiak Appeared as a Men and a Big Snake


I still can't believe and accept that I'm a Gemini instead of a Cancer like what I have known in my whole life.
Professor Parke Kunkle is the one who  told the world on 15 January 2011 that because of the movement of Earth's axis, the ancient Zodiac can't be use anymore. Instead of 12 now we have 13 Zodiacs.

Here are the new zodiac arrangement:

-Aquarius      : 17 Februari-11 Maret

-Pisces         : 12 Maret-18 April

-Aries            : 19 April-13 Mei

-Taurus        : 14 Mei-21 Juni

-Gemini        : 22 Juni-20 Juli

-Cancer        : 21 Juli-10 Agustus

-Leo               : 11 Agustus-16 September

-Virgo            : 17 September-30 Oktober

-Libra             : 31 Oktober-23 November

-Scorpio        : 24 November-29 November

-Ophiuchus  : 30 November-17 Desember

-Sagitarius   : 18 Desember-20 Januari

-Capricorn    : 21 Januari-16 Februari
In Astrology,Ophiuchus means "The Serpent Holder" and  an Ophiuchus is believed to have long life, Creative and a visionary.

So, what is your zodiac now??? 
Do you find it is changed like in my case, therefore will it affect our life or maybe our fate???

I don't know. I really don't know.
What I know is all this thing will create a lot of argument and confusion that lead to more complicated life.

Hello!!! I'm not even graduated yet from my university and now even Zodiac can change!!!
Life is so unpredictable. Hopefully this phenomena (if really effecting my fate) can change my fate to become a PROFESSOR so in the future maybe I'm the one who will announce to the world about the 14th Zodiac (if there is)!!!   ^^V


Cloud no.9 said...

Fili, I became gemini too ;(

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