Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FASTER Premier Screening @ Cineleisure Damansara Sponsor by Sony Picture Malaysia

Today is my 1st day officially as an unemployed hahahha...
Finished all my degree subjects as well as my internship.
So today, except for going to campus this morning @ 10am to took my packet from Germany from Ms Fatima and visited Mdm Shaista for around 15minutes I absolutely stay at home and do nothing.

Felt so boring :(
Actually I purposely planned to have no plan today to have a rest day, but obviously it didn't work. ^^V
Luckily I was saved by Free Ticket to Premier Screening Of Faster @ Cineleisure Damansara.
Got a pair from FB contest conducted by Sony Picture Malaysia.
So, 7pm out for dinner and direct go to Cineleisure for Faster.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
I'm his fans since I was in my junior high school as I often accompanied my Dad to watch SMACKDOWN ^^V

The ticket redemption booth

Got the tickets :)

See my face so pale: Cause by stress because stay @ home whole day hahahahhaa....

After got the ticket @ 9pm sharp, people queuing in front of the entry door as it is a free sitting ticket.

So, In conclusion the movie is an interesting movie for most of the guys because a lot of gun-shooting action, cool sport cars and racing scene.
As for me, I only enjoy The Rock performance on his 1st 5minute scene where he is inside the jail, sweating ,showing his perfect body shape!!! ^^V
After that his face expression is stable. no change at all. So stiff!!! uh!!!
Luckily The Killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) quite cute, no he is too cute to be a killer hahaha...

The story plot quite interesting though, not bad at all as the ending is unpredictable.
So, my darling gave rating 9/10 and I honestly only can give 7/10 rating for Faster.


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