Friday, January 7, 2011

Super Junior; Super Show 3 In Malaysia

I want to make confession here:

I'm not a Super Junior Fans!!!

please don't hate or kill me because of that pliss... ^^V

Even though I'm not their fans, but I listen and watch their video and I like it though, only I'm not their Big fans.

However, since few of my girl friends that felt in love so badly with SuJu keep asking me about their upcoming 2011 Tour; SUPER SHOW 3,
Than I think I will have to do something to help them from further depression. hahaha ^^V

So I Contacted Redstar today and successfully get in touch with one of person in charge Kak Nor Indah and she explained to me current status of SS3.

So Basically, Redstar Suppose to be the sole even organizer of Super Junior's SS3 concert in Malaysia. Apparently they also organized concert for JYJ last year on 17oct2010.
So, the problem start from there.

As we know this SS3 concert is planned since mid of year 2010 and Redstar Approached SuJu agency already to bring them back to Malaysia. They were agrred but than SuJu Agency not that happy when Redstart at the same time being an Organizer for JYJ.

I'm not that clear what is the exact problem but SuJu Agency gave ultimatum to RedStart whether they want to be even organizer either for SuJu or JYJ only, Can't for both!!
And as we know RedStar continue organize JYJ Concert. So there is cold war between Redstar and SuJu agency now.

Kak Nor Indah told me that they still trying to negotiate with SuJu agency but untill now no reply yet and there is a rumor that other even organizer in Malaysia did contact SuJu Agency for bring them in Malaysia. But I haven't get any confirmation which even organizer is that, so I couldn't contact them to get more info.

So sorry I can't help more than this, but sure after I get more Up-to-date info regarding SS3 will A.S.A.P share it with you. Don't be sad ok... :)

Alternatively you can catch up SS3 in our neighbor, Singapore. :)


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