Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Diner @ Tang Shi Fu Restaurant; OneUtama.

This is my 2nd time having dinner @ Tang Shi Fu restaurant.
I fell in love since the 1st time I came here with Peggy Ooi. ^^

Autumn Tea With Pearl Pow Rm9.90

Always had without sugar version, yet it still taste sweet and smell so good.
I love it ^^

My darling so hungry already.
Pity him. He arrived @ my office since 6pm but then only 7.30pm I could go out.
And we were having our dinner only @ 9pm. Late dinner :)

American Gingseng&Fish Maw With Pork Stomach Hotpot Rm 28.90

The soup Is so hot. Hot because it is in hotpot and being heatened as it was served,and also hot because it contain a lot of pepper and ginger. Really good when you feel you are tired or catch cold.

Stewed Pork with Dang Gui Rm 12.90

Sweet and served with mushroom. A lot nicer if having it together with Brown Rice (Rm2/bowl)

Yup, we had no veggie for our dinner. hahahha..
Just not in mood with veggie. ^^V

The portion of each dish in this restaurant is quite big. So better order few dish and share rather than order each person one set. Because you might not be able to finish it alone and it might cost you more. This Restaurant is worth to try. :)

We were having this dinner yesterday (10/01/2011) exactly my last day of my internship in Packet One Network Sdn Bhd. Finally I made it. :)

I will post a recap of my Internship soon in a new post.
Stay Tuned!!!
All were precious, memorable and sweet memories ever :)


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