Friday, January 14, 2011

iCITY Shah Alam

Last night after finish our steamboat dinner suddenly Bang Jay suggested to continue our night @ iCity Shah Alam. Since it is not that far we all agreed to go and seems it was a brilliant decision we had made  :)

For most of us this is the 1st time we came to iCITY. 
So we quite excited and have a lot of photo session here.

The arrangement of the line was from the shortest to the tallest.
I'm sure you know why I'm the one who stand at the front of the line hahahah...

 Lovely Snowy tree. She standing beautifully with the dark sky as the background

Behind us is the Light Trees Park

 Colorful Trees Like in Wonderland ^^

Red & White Trees. Christmas Garden.

We all have a lot of fun. Really enjoy playing around with all my friends.
It's quite sometime we didn't hangout because all of us busy with internship and Final Project.
Finally tonight all of us can go out together again even thought without proper planning. ^^V

Few still alert about the camera hahahhaa....

Gustania: is she lose???? hahahahhaa...

Oseng and the giant white Christmass tree.
This meant to for christmas celebration.
So, if you still want to see this tree you might need to visit iCity soon 
before they change the theme to Chinese new year decoration.

 I don't know what tree is this but she absolutly my favorite. 
Stand alone with cute fruits she have :)

Our parking lot is on Baterfly floor.
I like it. I always love Buterfly. ^^V

The parking floor all with animal sign, so make sure to park @ buterfly floor because it is the exit floor as well. No need to take elevator or staircase.

For the entry fee it is RM10/car. I didn't check the fee if you use motorcycle. ^^V
After u pay the rm10 you will get RM10 F&B voucher that you can use inside the park.
You can find alot of restaurant inside. Most of them are the same restaurant you can find in LoukOutPoint Ampang. So you can have a great dinner as well there ^^


BCT163A 1 on 1 said...

cantiknya...sayang g ikut...k sanah lg yukkss...:)
btw, bannerny yg baru keren loh say...:)

My Incredible Life said...

I love it.
COol Banget.
want to spend more time with you before you leave.

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