Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Celebration @ Singapore; So many Uniqe Christmas Trees

Christmas 2011 is my 1st Christmas celebration in Singapore.
The city is decorated well with many different type of Christmas trees and light up with colorful light along the streets.

Especially in Orchad Road, It is so happening there during the Christmas eve.
There ware crowded with thousand of people celebrating and taking photos along the street.
It heavy jam of course at that night and on 25 dec it self, Orchad road was close for a big event that occupied Orchad road where the stage were sat.

The first Christmas tree I saw in Singapore.
This is inside Marina Bay Mall

Giant Christmas Tree @ Orchad road

1st time found a Christmas Tree with door and we can actually have a little tour inside :)

Me & Friends; took photo while waiting for the traffic light to turn red so that we can cross the road :)

On Singapore Cathedral. Sat on the 2nd floor. The Coir on this Church is amazing.
They Surely practice very hard for all the Christmas songs :)

After the mass: Merry Christmassss.....

Walk around the street after from Church

On 25Dec; Walked around Orchad Road

Ferrero Rochier Christmas tree; I wish I have 1 at home. Stock for 1 year hahahha...

Statue of the story when Jesus was born on the christmas eve

Ice-flakes Queen & King

Last photo taken @ Marina Bay Hotel Lobby before leaving Singapore

In my conclusion, it is worthed to spend Christmas in Singapore because the Country it's self is celebrating with us. Especially all the decoration everywhere, It really make my Christmass mood even more sparkling.
It will be best if I can celebrate together with my family.
Unfortunetle, my family were celebrating in Jakarta.

Hopefully next year can celebrate together in a different country. For a new experience ^^V


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