Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wow!!! It's so happening here in Malaysia...
Everybody is celebrating for the 1st winning after 21 years in AFF-Suzuki Cup.

Malaysia winning pose

All Radio station is talking about this topic this morning.
On my way to office I was listening to FLY FM with Nadia and Ben.
They had a session where people can call and share their feeling about this celebration on the radio.
All the boys who called all share about how was their feeling last night. Those who watched at Dataran Merdeka claim that their even lose their voice because screamed and sang victory song so loud last night. Those who watched at home claimed that he was so happy till he didn't know he trow his shoes just like that to the window. hahahahaa....

As for the girls caller, Guest what??!!!
Scream "I LOVE YOU" to Khairul Fahmi . Some also strongly believe that he is a Superman. He can FLY to catch all the balls!!! hahahahha...

Me and Joffrey laugh all the way listening to the radio.
All of them like crazy in love with this Glory and of course with Khairul Fahmi as well.

And, only by 1 night, Khairul Fahmi FB fans page got 54 thousand +++ like.
ya, just in one night!!! I think all the girl directly go to fB and type Khairul Fahmi and click like like like!!! hahhaha....

Khairul Fahmi FB id:
This morning I checked it has 107,657 fans already.

Khairul Fahmi melayan salah seorang penyokong Malaysia ketika tiba
di Lapangan Terbang Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta, Indonesia, Isnin. GLENN GUAN/The Star

On Top of that, Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato' Sri Mohd Najib announced last night that in conjunction to celebrate this victory, 31dec, which is fall in Friday will be a public Holiday in Malaysia...

OMG!!! I'm so happy ^^V
It's mean that I can go to Genting on friday morning coz I got the free room 2D1N on 31Dec itself. Horey!!! :)

What a lovely 2010 Memory for Malaysia before start a new year.
Even thought I'm an Indonesian but i also happy for Malaysia Tiger Team Achievement.
Congratulation!!! :)

I also very proud to my Indonesia Garuda Team, as they did all their best and play fair during the whole competition. Good Job!!! You are the best in our heart. Event thought you didn't win the match but you absolutely win our heart!!!

Indonesia's Team


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