Monday, December 27, 2010

Marina bay Singapore

Marina Bay Miniature

Scenery around Marina Bay 1

Scenery around Marina Bay 2

Walking around on the afternoon is really nice. The weather that day was windy.

Offices Complex @ Singapore

The Jetty

Background: The Esplanade; look like a eye of a fly

Background: Marina Bay Sands- The world's most expensive hotel

Crowd of Tourist on the bridge for more clearer look at the Merlion

The Merlion

One Fullerton

Boat Quay Town; Bank of Singapore river that close to The Merlion.
Many luxury hotel, restaurant and bar along the bank

The Bridge to Cross the river from Marina Bay sand Hotel to The Merlion statue

Entertainment on The Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby; Chinese Traditional Music Instrument

Background: Ferrari

There is a Ferrari outlet in Marina Bay Mall. You can find many type of Original Ferrari Merchandise there.

In the middle of Marina Bay Mall

Our Lunch + Dinner
Caution: Non-Halal ^^V


gunsirit said...

Nice pictures. I am now your follower.. :)

Filivi said...

Thanks gunsirit.
visited your blog aslo. great job. following u :)

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