Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Experiance With Compass Coach Kuala Lumpur - Singapore Route

For Christmas this year I decided to celebrate it in Singapore as I heard it's gonna be so happening there with all the decoration on the streets and cool even line up. Will share with you all my 1st experience having Christmas in Singapore but first I will share about my 1st experience with compass coach that I rode for return transport Kuala Lumpur - Singapore.

Here is the coach.
This Photo taken when we were departing from Time-Square.
Completed with WIFI and Entertainment on board.

Mini Video Player was entertaining me during my 5hours journey

The coach is so much comfortable and wide.

Enjoying my lunch while watching harry potter ^^
There is a cabin crew who serve us on board. You also can ask any hot drink any time you want.

The Lunch Box: Fried rice + sweet&sour fish + vegie

The Dinner Box: Fried Kuetiew+sausage+scramble egg + a cake
Got this on my return trip from Singapore to KL

It was a very comfortable journey with compass coach that's why i would like to recommend it for you if you have plan to go to singapore by bus.

The bus-stop also so convenience to reach.
In Kuala Lumpur it is located at Time-Square. You just need to walk to the right side after the main door of Times_Square.

In Singapore, the bus stop is in Marina Bay.

If you take the night trip, a blanket also will be provided.
Normal Price for return is rm 176/person.
But these time I got promotion ticket. Buy one return free one return ticket. ^^V
So, For me and my boyfriend we got 2 pairs of return tickets only by rm176 so per person only rm88. It's so affordable for these 5 stars coach experience. :)

For more info or to book online you can visit

Merry Christmas to You & Your Family
May Christmas spirit always be with us forever. Amien.. :)


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