Sunday, December 5, 2010

FLY FM CAN CAN OR CAN CANNOT; Dance Your Way to Paris!

"Fly fm can can or can cannot" event was held in One Utama Damansara yesterday.
The events attracted around 40 participants include me, joffrey and junaid inside :)

The event required the participants to perform simple cancan dance and the one who was the last in the stage dancing correctly will be the winner and go home with the grand price: 5D4N all paid trip for 2 to PARIS!!!

The prize is so WOW!!! because what we need to do was only perform 2 simple movements which are lift our knee and than the whole leg. So knee,leg, knee, leg, knee, leg....

Even though those are simple movements but it's not as easy as you think. Because we were required to perform it minimum 15minutes non-stop before we can get 2 minutes break. Also the judges were so strict. Without any warning, they directly "kill" the participant that didn't lift their leg high enough or moved not according to the music rhythm.

Most of us a bit disappointed because the presenter mentioned that we can use any method as long as our leg are in the air than we will stay in the competition. I absolutely feel sad, because without warning I being taken out from the game in the 4th minutes. I was doing fine, that why i felt so sad :(

Any way, the whole game was very fun actually because hafiz & prem keep talking-talking non-stop in whole event. They did their job very well. As Ben also busy attracting other mall visitor to join the game.

Junaid, me & Joffrey: Ready for the Paris Game

The digital timer in front of us

All the participants during the game. U can't see me coz i'm out already T.T

My hero, he last till th 14th minutes. Top 5

Me with Hafiz. He is a funny guy :)

We chat quite alot during the event but because so excited we forgot to introduce our self to each other hahhaha... anyway, it really nice to meet this pretty girl :)

The top 4. Semi Final

1st runner up. fight so hard till she very exhausted and then gave up. :(

Congratulation to The winner; OMG i'm so Jealous with him huhuhuhuu...

From the Goodies bag: My 1st Fly Fm T-shirt :)


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