Friday, December 3, 2010


Yesterday I attend the Nokia Ovi Workshop organised by Nuffnang exclusively for Nuffnang blogger. Limited to 50 seats only.

This event very interesting because, Mr Elliot representative from Nokia shown us a live demo on how to make our blog as an app that can be downloadable in OVI Store.
It's really great because now I will have my blog as an app.

Don't you think it's really cool when u can become an owner of app that can be downloadable by all people around the world by just simply done fews simple steps??!!
And the best part is, it Totally Zero Cost. Yes it is FREEEEEE...

Since I hv my iPad I used to be the customer of many type of apps, that's why I'm so excited when now I actually can create my own app.
Special Thanks to Nokia for the OVI Store and Nuffnang for organizing the Workshop.

So, as usual I took fews pictures from the event.
The event Held in KDU Damansara.
We had our dinner 1st and than continue with the workshop
Enjoy the Photos :)

Me n Rayyan n our dinner ^^V

Other Bloggers

Mr. Elliot with his presentation and demo

Bloggers busy practiced to create an app referring to Mr.Elliot demonstration

Suddenly got Internet connection problem, so break n snap snap :)

In the end of the Event. Photo session.

Me n Hanis Zalikha (Top Blogger & Model)

Mr.Elliot and me

With Bloggers and Nuffnang Staff; Can you guest who is he??? ^^V

From Nokia: Limited edition Nokia Heart-shape 2gb tumbdrive.
Adorable :)


Shahrul Hairy Shaharuddin said...

Hello Fili! (nice name)
Nice to meet you yesterday. Hope next event can meet u again.. chill! =)


Filivi said...

Hi Shahrul!! it was really nice to meet u guys yesterday... :)

Hopefully in near future there are many events coming that can gather us together again.

Cempakamelati said...

Hi! Filivi....nice to know you..hope we can meet later in the near future in other Nufnang events. Hope our friendship will last forever.

Filivi said...

kak cempaka, thanks sudah singah kat blog saya.
Hopefully we can meet again. really nice to meet you ^^

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

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