Friday, December 10, 2010


Today, I feel excited to talk about Ovi Store because soon I will launch my own app in Ovi Store it's self :)

Before I reveal about my app, I think it will be more Interesting to introduce about Ovi store 1st.
It is because I aware that nowadays most of us are Black berry and iPhone user, therefore most of us may not know what is Ovi all about.

So Basically Ovi by Nokia is the brand for Nokia's Internet services.
I really support Nokia for its effort to come out with Ovi because as we know, Nokia lately lose it's customer to BB or iPhone that provide and embedded it's Product with easy Internet Service.

I assume all of us may familiar with iStore or iTune Store by Apple.
This really help me to summarize Ovi store to you because Ovi store work almost the same with iStore.
The difference between them is everything available in iStore are downloadable by devices from Apple such as iPhone and iPad, where as everything in Ovi store are downloadable by Nokia Phone only.
Therefore with Ovi, Nokia user no need to feel jealous anymore with Apple user. :)

That's it!!
By having Ovi In your computer or Nokia Hp, you will get easy access to many cool games, apps, media and many more.
And the best part of it, you can built your own apps and submit it to be available in Ovi store. You can choose to monetize it or lets people download it for free and gain income from advertisement. It is really easy and free. ^^V

I'm still working on my apps project.
Just submit it to Nokia and wait for the approval to be release in Ovi Store.

In the process of build my apps. Almost done!!!hahhaa...

Submitted. :)

Let me Introduce you to Nonacapsa apps Logo:
Nonacapsa apps Logo.
Special thanks to Rado Duan Ronaldo for designing the logo.
Model: Filivi Alexander (me) ^^V
Photographer: Salem Hussain

Hopefully you can find this logo in Ovi store very soon :)

Visit Ovi Store now for more colorful experince with your Nokia.
Build your own apps now @ Ovi app wizard


ririegembul said...

waw langsung di upload

Filivi said...

iya dong hohohoho.. ^^V

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